Awning vs Gliding Replacement Window Styles in New Jersey & New York

New Jersey New York Awning, Gliding Replacement WindowsOur New Jersey & New York Metro neighbors often ask us how replacement windows and patio doors can help them improve energy efficiency and boost their property values. One way to do both is to make sure you choose the right window style based on the window location in your home and the exterior environment. The “wrong style” may improve energy efficiency, but not give you the best view or may give you more opportunities to bring in more natural light, but make it more difficult to open and close your windows in certain areas within your home.

Let’s compare awning and gliding (also known as sliding) replacement windows to give you a few examples of how window choice impacts convenience and safety.

Advantages of Awning Replacement Windows
These replacement windows have a unique design that hinges at the upper edge and pushes outward. These are appropriate high on a basement wall or over a counter, because they allow you to safely open and close your windows with a single operational lever without standing on a chair or ladder.

Typically wider than they are tall, this style works equally well as a stand-alone unit or installed in multiples above (or below) larger fixed windows to improve ventilation. Larger windows are a nice alternative to recessed double hung windows in bedrooms and entry ways where you want to bring in more natural light. With Fibrex frames that never require annual maintenance to stay beautiful year after year and stainable wood interiors that allow homeowners to custom-match existing trim, awning windows are perfect for almost any room, alone or as part of a larger window grouping.

While spring is still a few weeks away, soon New Jersey and metropolitan New York residents will be looking for a chance to let in some fresh air. This style creates a self-contained “umbrella” which means rain or shine you can open your windows to capture a breeze when the weather outside improves, without worrying about water coming inside your home. You aren’t limited to wide, short windows either. You may opt to build awnings to replace square or rectangular windows that are taller than they are wide.

Potential Drawbacks for Replacement Awning Windows
While this replacement window style is versatile, there are some environments that aren’t compatible with “push-out” window styles. When architectural features would interfere with fully opening the windows or open windows would block walkways or press against permanent landscaping, other styles, like sliders, are more appropriate.

Advantages of Gliding Replacement Windows
Gliding windows, also known as sliding windows or sliders, offer some of the same benefits that awning windows provide. The low-profile design works well in areas where you want to expand your viewing area and enable air flow. You can use this style as a stand-alone feature, or mulled above, beside or below other windows to create unique visual interest.

Unlike the awning style, they operate the same way a gliding patio door works, panels slide from side to side allowing egress and ventilation. You can install gliders that have a movable panel on the right, the left or both, depending on the configuration that works best for your personal preference or architectural elements.

One key advantage over awning windows, or the awning’s cousin, the hopper window (which open inward), is that gliders won’t interfere with traffic patterns, furniture placement or landscaping. And, this style affords the largest viewing area and smallest frame width of any operable window. There are a few things to consider before replacing other styles with sliding windows in your home.

Gliding Window Considerations
Because the operational mechanism in a gliding window is located on the side midway between the upper and lower edge of the window, sliders aren’t always the best choice over kitchen counters or near the ceiling. While you can install gliding windows high on the walls, you may need a stable step stool or ladder to safely open your windows for ventilation.

Two Windows, Many Benefits
Both gliders and awning windows can be designed to perfectly match your interior décor, architectural features and your lifestyle. Whether you install a row of three or four small awing windows above a picture window, or you choose to flank another window style with narrow gliding windows, you can customize your new replacement windows with low-E patterned glass, unique or traditional grille patterns and hardware to tie your decorating scheme together in an attractive, functional manner.

Which Renewal by Andersen Replacement Window Style is Right for Your New Jersey & New York Metro Home?

Even if you really love the safety features and other benefits of awning replacement windows for your New Jersey or New York home, we wouldn’t recommend you replace every window in your home with this style. And, gliding windows aren’t always appropriate for every window in every room. We’d love to help you explore window styles and accessories for your home to help you improve ventilation, expand your viewing area and bring in more natural sunlight with the right mix of styles and design features. Just give us a quick call to arrange for a home consultation at 1-888-826-2451 or fill in the short form today.


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