Your New Jersey or New York Home’s Windows Could Be Costing You More Money than You Know

New York New Jersey Replacement Windows SummerIf you’ve been putting off upgrading your home in New York or New Jersey with modern replacement windows and patio doors, here’s a question for you: Did you know that leaks and gaps in your home’s windows may account for as much as 25 percent of your heating and air conditioning bill? Renewal by Andersen wants our friends and neighbors to find ways to save money, not watch it fly out the window.

Read on for ways your existing windows may be costing you money in addition to simple drafts and leaks.

Replacement Windows & Patio Doors Secure Your New York or New Jersey Environment

If you’ve had an ongoing problem with unwanted pests, your old windows could be to blame.

“Beyond efficiency concerns, windows in poor condition can contribute to water leaks, humidity problems in the home and even pest infestations. Cracked windowpanes, non-operational windows and rotting frames, sashes or sills on wood windows are all good reasons to consider replacement.” — HGTV

Just to be clear, we aren’t suggesting that installing replacement windows and patio doors is an effective treatment for an existing pest problem, but the installation may prevent future infestations, saving you money on extermination expenses and protecting your furniture, flooring and personal belongs from insect damage.

Tip: You shouldn’t have to keep your windows closed all the time to prevent unwanted invaders from coming into your home. Windows screens constructed with a tight weave enable a gentle breeze, but block even the tiniest bugs from coming inside uninvited.

Protecting Your Indoor Investment with Replacement Windows & Patio Doors

Sealing off air and moisture leaks dramatically improves energy-efficiency, but did you know that Renewal by Andersen windows and doors have special factory-applied glass coatings can also protect your furniture. That means your furniture will last longer and resist fading when positioned close to a window. UV blocking technology prevents harmful rays for damaging fabric and other textiles much the same way sunscreen protects your skin.

Fortunately, you don’t have to reapply this protection over and over, it’s a built-in feature that works around the clock, season after season. By the way, UV rays are stronger during warmer weather so you may notice furniture and carpet seem to fade faster during summer months. With Renewal by Andersen custom-built windows you won’t have to worry as much about your leather sofa cracking and fading or your wood tables developing discoloration spots from sun exposure. Your investments should last longer, saving you money over the long term. Of course, it’s still a good idea to treat your expensive furnishings to protect against daily use and accidental water spills.

 Eliminating Costly Leaks & Gaps Around Your Windows and Patio Doors

Older windows installed before the industry developed high-performance options simply can’t help you control indoor comfort as well as new windows and patio doors. Special glass coatings help you control light levels inside your home and insulated windows improve heat transfer management. Modern Renewal by Andersen windows are built for beauty and function.

One of the key benefits of upgrading your home’s windows and doors is eliminating leaks and gaps that gradually appear over time. A thorough inspection of all windows and patio doors in your home is the only way to find many of the problems that are driving your air conditioning bills higher each year. A small breach in the window envelop, one that you can barely see or that is usually hidden from plain sight, can be costly.

Here’s a Quick List of Things You Should Examine During Your Windows & Door Inspection

  1. Weather Stripping – look for tears, dents, missing sections and fading that indicates your weather-stripping is losing effectiveness.
  2. Glass – make sure there are no cracks or holes that allow water or air leaks. Even a tiny chip near the perimeter may result in cold drafts during the winter and cooled air escaping during warm months.
  3. Caulking – sealants around non-movable parts helps stabilize your window and prevent leaks.
  4. Frames – wood frames may rot, resulting in pieces falling off that allow air leaks. Metal and vinyl window and door frames often pull away from the exterior siding. Carefully inspect your frames to make sure they are structurally sound.
  5. Sash – unlevel and out-of-square window sashes that don’t close completely can’t effectively block air and moisture from moving inside, or keep your conditioned air in.

Start Your Journey Toward Higher Savings with Renewal by Andersen Replacement Windows & Patio Doors

Savings money, or wasting less, often starts with exploring how you do things. Isn’t it time to upgrade your home with modern, high-performance Renewal by Andersen replacement windows and patio doors? It’s easy to get started. Just fill in the short form on this page or give us a call today at 1-888-826-2451 to schedule a free, no-obligation home consultation to learn more ways to reduce your air conditioning bills before summer arrives.

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