Choosing Easy-Care Window Treatments for Patio Doors New Jersey

Door window treatments in New JerseyThe biggest part of your replacement window remodel in New Jersey might seem like the overhaul itself, but the biggest transformation happens when you add the finishing touches like the curtains you use on those bay windows, or the roman shades you install on the sparkling new panes in your bedroom.

Patio doors offer an interesting challenge. They’re big, and they have a lot of glass area. While that’s great for letting in light and providing views outdoors, sometimes you might want a little privacy. The challenge is to find “window” treatments to provide you and your family with privacy, while not blocking the views when you want them. Further complicating the issue is the fact that patio doors are opened and closed a lot more often than windows and you don’t want your treatments to get in the way or get caught between the door and the jamb. You want to enjoy your new investment, but you don’t want the hassle of high-maintenance drapes.

The following tips should help get you started determining what design options work well for patio doors—and how can you install curtains that don’t get in the way of everyday life.

Consider the Purpose of Your Patio Door Treatments

The first step in the process is to ask yourself a few questions. This step might seem a bit too obvious, but clearly defining your goals will help you clarify your preferences and options before you wade too deep in the window-treatment selection process.

  • Why do you want curtains?
  • Is it purely for style?
  • Do you want added privacy?
  • How important is light control to you?
  • Are you looking for a combination that includes all of the above?

Hinged French Doors

If you’re investing in Renewal by Andersen’s hinged or outswing patio doors for your New Jersey home, your curtain options aren’t limited; however some curtain styles might get in the way of easy entry and exit. Depending on your door’s design, you may be able to install Roman shades over the glass directly on the door itself. There are a number of installation choices today that don’t require you to drill into the door to attach hardware. Ask your replacement window specialist or consult a drapery professional before drilling into the door to attach hardware. This ensures you don’t damage your new window frames or void any part of your replacement window warranty.

Another elegant option? Install traditional drapes—constructed with high-quality washable fabric—on a rod stretching across the width of your French doors. Grommeted panels work best for patio doors because they glide open and close effortlessly.

Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors allow even more options. Roman shades make an unobtrusive, classic window covering, easily allowing you to control sunlight and privacy levels. Consider hiring a professional for custom fabrication to get a perfect fit to showcase your doors.

Grommeted curtain panels work equally well with sliding patio doors. They slide easily over the rod, which can be anything from a minimalist chrome bar to a richly-carved wooden rod and intricately carved finials. Your design options are only limited by the varied fabrics on the market.

Oversized curtains don’t have to overwhelm your space; if you’re going for a light, breezy feel, try gauzy white curtains for both privacy and atmosphere. Cozier spaces can be completed by warmer, richer draperies to complement your room’s décor. For even more control over your space’s atmosphere, layer sheer and solid curtain panels on a double-rod.

Fabric Types

If you have pets or small children, you’ll want to take extra steps to make sure your patio door curtains are as tough and long-lasting as possible. Indoor/outdoor curtains are usually constructed with tough, weather-resistant polyester blends that resist fading and hold up well to constant use — an important feature for drapes covering door areas.

If you’re handy with a sewing machine, you can craft your own curtains using high-quality fabrics; you’ll find that shower curtain fabric both drapes beautifully and holds up well to the elements. For a breezier, more translucent look, look for muslins or easy-care, wash and dry 100 percent cotton fabrics. Reduce ironing chores by air drying 100 percent cotton curtains or remove from the dryer when slightly damp.

Quick Patio Door Decorating Tips

  • For a traditional look, use a stationary valance or half-curtain above a single panel that slides to the side or multiple panels that open to frame for your door.
  • Vertical blinds come in fabric, wood, plastic, bamboo and other materials to help you create an overall tone and feel to complement your decorating style.
  • Cellular shades offer added privacy without blocking natural light.
  • Cornice boards and specialty fabrics let you create diverse decorating schemes from elegant to playful, depending on the texture, color and shape you choose.

Need More Easy-Care Advice for Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey Patio Doors?

Whether you need more information about Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey’s warranty and the proper way to install window treatments or you want information about new products and services, we can help. Fill out the form on this page or give us a call at 1-888-826-2451 for a free consultation.

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