Window Tips for Restoring Older Homes in New York & Jersey  

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Our Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and Metro New York team has helped thousands of homeowners upgrade their homes over the years. Over that time, we’ve met people with diverse reasons for wanting to install replacement windows. We’ve helped New Jersey and New York Metro residents renovate historic homes and had the pleasure of installing modern, Energy-Star labeled replacement windows to transform a boring facade to a beautiful curb-facing view. It is rewarding to see an older home given a fresh face and new life, but there are some special considerations for this type of job. Here are a few things you should think about before ordering new windows for an older home.

#1 Start with Some Research on Your Home

While we often recommend that homeowners browse our replacement window and patio door gallery to start their research, if you plan to restore an older home it would be a good idea to familiarize yourself with your home’s history. Learn about the architectural style and how the homes were built during its period. Try to find out if there have been any major remodeling projects since it was built. The local historical society can probably guide you toward information about the builder or where to locate original house designs. The information gleaned from your research may determine whether you add grilles to your new windows and which pattern you choose if you do.

#2 Determine Whether You Have an Older Home or a Historic Home

If you think your home may be eligible for preservation or restoration grants or mortgage loans, contact the National Register of Historic Places, or the Historic Preservation Office closest to your neighborhood. A historic landmark comes with a host of special regulations that must be closely followed to maintain its status. Regulations often determine the color of your window frames, including colors you select for interior components you can stain or paint to match the decorating scheme.

#3 Explore Architectural Style & Replacement Window Style Combinations

Coordinating window styles with architectural style influences how true to the original design your final project will look. Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro offers a wide variety of replacement window styles including: double-hung windows, sliders, awnings, hoppers and bay configurations. You’ll also find specialty windows that come in many unique geometric shapes like arched windows, trapezoids, full- and half-circle options, and equal-leg arch windows. When considering window styles for historic properties and older homes built 30 to 50 years ago that aren’t on the Register keep these details in mind.

  • The use of patterned glass and unusually shaped windows should match the architectural style and period of your home.
  • Grille styles influence the overall aesthetic. Removable interior grilles may be a good fit for your colonial home, but may not for a Cape Cod.
  • Handles and hardware come in a full spectrum of finishes and colors. Choose a style that complements the architecture, period and your overarching decorating theme.
  • Historic preservation guidelines may dictate that you perfectly – well, as much as possible today – match the original style, color and grille layout of your existing windows. And, you may have to use the same elements on entrance and exit doors.

Consider Modern Replacement Window & Patio Door Features

Custom-built replacement windows deliver improved energy efficiency in a well-designed package engineered to perform perfectly for as long as you live in your home. And, it is possible to get all of these benefits without compromising the original beauty and character of your home. Remember that improving ventilation and natural light is important for your health and comfort. So, talk to your replacement window specialist about glass options and replacement screens that will allow you to bring in more natural light and get some fresh air without fighting irritating pests that tend to sneak into our homes during our hot, humid summers.

Call Today to Let Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro Help You Update Your Older Home

Whether you have an older home with windows that are starting to show signs of wearing out, or you have a property listed on the National Register of Historic homes, we can help you breathe new life and function into your dwelling. Just fill in the short form on this page or call us at 1-888-826-2451 to schedule a free, no-obligation home consultation today to get started.

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