There are many obvious signs it is time to invest in replacement windows for your New Jersey or New York home – cold and hot spots in corners or near your windows, window frames with cracks or weather damage, foggy window panes. The list goes on and one.

You may have noticed a gradual increase in utility bills even though you try hard to manage your energy use wisely. Homeowners looking to upgrade their homes are naturally searching for home improvement products that enhance the beauty of their surroundings while also improving energy-efficiency and comfort.

Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro is pleased to offer a full line of replacement windows with dozens of design features, but there is one thing everyone must consider before finalizing a purchase order. Here is what you need to know to make a wise investment decision.

The Importance of Design in Replacement Window

Designing a replacement window starts with science-based research in a lab. Industry experts explore frame materials that enhance stability and durability, spacers and sealants used to leverage multiple glass panels to boost insulation, and construction features that make operation easy and homes safer. Renewal by Andersen customers can customize their new windows with color combinations that complement exterior and interior decorative elements. They can add hardware that completes their overall design schemes. And, since each window’s performance depends on the surrounding landscape and local climate, homeowners should consider factory applied technology appropriate for every new window – depending on whether you need to reduce noise transfer or control how much light or heat passes through a particular window.

All of these things are important, but they are not the most important thing you should consider.

The Importance of Starting With the End in Mind

Carefully choosing each component such as glass type, frames, window grilles, and operational handles is essential to make your home more visually appealing and convenient for your family. Appropriate color combinations and replacement window styles allow you to express your personality without sacrificing performance. Selecting the appropriate window style for each room contributes to the appearance and safety.

For example, a pair of casement windows installed over a kitchen counter is easier to open without climbing a ladder than a double-hung window with a sash that opens vertically. And you can make a stunning focal point with casements when they are configured to open from the center. As you consider each component from the frame material to the grille pattern to use, think about what each window unit will look like after installation, and whether the individual parts will work together to help you create a vision that fits your lifestyle and your home. Beginning with the end in mind is the only way to ensure your replacement windows will perform exactly as you want them to. But, customization is not the most important factor.

Getting the Performance You Deserve From Modern Replacement Windows

Performance is what differentiates one replacement window from another. Exceptional performance starts with a crystal clear view through the glass (unless you’ve chosen a patterned glass to obscure the view for privacy or to add a touch of artistic preference). Performance means your windows block air and moisture leaks so you have better control over your heating and air conditioning budget. Performance means you never have to struggle to open a window whether you install sliding windows, awnings, or casement replacement windows. So how do you guarantee your new window performance will meet your expectations?

Make sure the installation is completed according to the manufacturer’s specification. This is the most important process in the entire replacement window project. Your modern, Energy Star labeled windows may be built with precision to fit the opening left when your existing windows are removed. The manufacturing processes may follow your customized plan perfectly, building your new windows using the highest quality products available. But if the installation isn’t perfect, all that “goes out the window”.

If your installation crew does not have the skill and experience to install your specific replacement windows as intended, performance will suffer. Without seamlessly integrating the new windows into the building envelope, air and moisture will eventually find their way into your home, reducing energy-efficiency and potentially damaging your home. A poor installation means the features that channel water away from your exterior window sills won’t work properly. And, drilling or nailing into the frame, glass or weather stripping will void your warranty.

Installation may be the last step, but it is definitely the most important step in the replacement window project. This is why Renewal by Andersen only trusts our carefully trained technicians to install our windows. And, we guaranteed the process for a full two years to make sure you don’t have to worry about problems if an unexpected issue develops long after the installation crew cleans up and leaves your home.

Get the Facts You Need From Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro Replacement Window Specialists

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