Fall is the perfect time to thoroughly inspect the windows in your New Jersey or New York metropolitan home in preparation for winter. Your local Renewal by Andersen replacement window specialists would love the opportunity to come out and help you check your windows for signs of aging or damage.

For those of you who aren’t sure you’re ready for the replacement window discussion, here are some tips gathered from home inspectors that might help you do a self-guided check on your own.

The Role of a Professional Home Inspector

Home inspectors, those professional that are responsible for checking out a home before a sale or refinancing, have a responsibility to report the facts. Buyers aren’t interested in opinions and lenders want to know the condition of a property, not what an inspector “thinks” about a certain home.

When it comes to window inspection protocol, the inspector usually looks at two distinct elements: functionality and individual elements, such as the frame material, grilles, insect screens, glass and hardware.

A professional property inspector provides is supposed to provide an unbiased report based on what he or she observes.

Think Like a Professional Inspector

The first phase of the inspection, assessing functionality, is fairly simple.

  • Make sure the window opens and closes easily
  • Test the locking mechanism
  • Determine if the window stays open without the aid of braces or blocks

The second part of the inspection is a bit more complicated. It’s easy to detect if a frame or glass has a hole or crack, the window screen is warped or the hardware is missing screws. It’s more difficult to determine if thermal efficiency is compromised due to a failed seal or damage to the sash is caused by moisture leaks or condensation.

Home inspectors looking at window see condensation or a cloudy residue between the panes as an indication of thermal window pane damage. But, even a high-quality, double pane replacement window may occasionally develop condensation due to weather conditions, indoor humidity levels and other factors. Even excessive dirt and grime build up on a window may make it hard to tell if the window unit is compromised or just needs proper cleaning.

A thermal pane replacement window is simply a window constructed with two or more panes of high-performance glass that enhances energy efficiency as compared to a single pane window.

There are three stages of damage to a wood window that signal a window needs immediate repair or replacement.

  • In the first stage, you can see frame discoloration, primarily on the bottom sash due to excessive condensation build up. Wood frames can be sanded, repaired and resurfaced and the functionality may not be affected.
  • The second stage is more advanced, with the moisture penetrating the wood, creating soft spots due to decay. Swelling may make it difficult to open and close the window. Necessary repairs are more extensive.
  • The third stage is even more advanced and may require total replacement as hardware often becomes inoperable, air and moisture flow through damage to the glass and/or the window frame and the window has lost energy-efficiency value.

Partner With a Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro Replacement Window Professional

It easy to see rotting wood and broken window panes, but it is more difficult for a non-professional to tell if sealants have failed causing the insulating gas between the panes to escape.

We recommend our Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro neighbors make sure each window is functioning properly using the three steps mention above. Then, if you still aren’t sure your windows are performing up to par, schedule an in-home consultation with one of our professionals. It’s easy. Just fill in the short form on this page or call 1-888-826-2451 to get started today.


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