Replacing the windows in your home is a significant undertaking – and not one that, for obvious reasons many new parents want to take on after a baby is born. Still, new windows bring many benefits that make raising a child easier and less stressful. Below are some of the many ways that window replacement can benefit you once the baby is born. If you’re interested in window replacement, getting the windows replaced before the new baby comes will make your life easier!

New Windows Provide Reliable Security for Your Family

Older windows can have problems like failing hardware, and that includes old locks. This can be a dangerous safety issue as your new baby becomes an inquisitive toddler. While you’re considering baby proofing things like doors, drawers and cabinets, don’t forget that an unlocked window can be just as, if not more, dangerous to your little one.

Quality new windows have secure locks and use the latest innovations to keep windows safe and secure. Installing new windows now means more reliable security for your home and family.

New Windows Can Increase Energy Efficiency

Older windows, particularly windows that are made from single-pane glazing, have poor energy efficiency. In general, the older the window the lower the energy efficiency. This is especially true of windows that aren’t properly sealed, windows that have lost the seal of their caulking, and windows that no longer fit very well in the wall where they’re installed.

Replacement windows are designed to be energy efficient, especially if you purchase windows from Renewal by Andersen. Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro makes dual pane windows from high efficiency low-E glass.

Renewal by Andersen window frames are made from Fibrex composite material, which is highly durable, tight-sealing and energy efficient. Overall, this makes Renewal by Andersen windows some of the most energy efficient replacement windows available to homeowners.

Why is this important? Maintaining a comfortable home is always important, but it’s especially important when you bring the new baby home from the hospital. Whether it’s hot or cold outside, you want your home to be sealed and without drafts to create a comfortable temperature for the new baby, mom, and the rest of the family.

Window Replacement is Harder with a New Baby

New babies need to sleep a lot, but window replacement can be a loud activity that can make it hard for babies (and moms) to get the rest they need when they need it. Replacing your windows before the baby is born can make life easier for you as a new parent, and easier for your baby as well.

Thinking about waiting until your little one is a toddler? You can do that, but you may still want to get your child out of the house during your window replacement project. Noises from construction can bother many toddlers. In addition, many young children may find it difficult to stay out of trouble around power tools and construction materials. Get your windows replaced today!

Preparing the Nursery? Get Ready with Renewal by Andersen

Preparing the nursery feels good, especially if your nursery includes new windows. Get ready for the arrival of your new baby by calling Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro. Call today to get started with your initial consultation at 888-826-2451 or fill out the short form on this page.

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