Window purchases typically happen in one of two ways. Some homeowners choose to purchase their windows from a certified window installer, while others purchase their windows from a window company, then hire a separate business to perform installation. Some might say that there are advantages to each method, but Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro has perfected the process of buying and installing your windows from the same company.

Streamlined Shopping, Purchase & Window Installation

When you buy windows from the same company that will install them, you only need to have one shopping experience, and you only have to buy one thing. When you purchase windows from the manufacturer and then having someone else install them, the shopping and buying process doesn’t end when you pay for the windows. In fact, buying windows is only the beginning. Once the purchase of windows is complete, the shopping process begins anew as you interview and hire installers. The vetting process involves comparing bids, reading contracts, reviewing warranties and contacting references.

Window Installation Performed By Experts

Window installation is a complicated process. Every manufacturer has their own specifications for how their windows should be installed. A botched installation could result in water leaks and damage, mold and mildew in your home, wood rot and years of home repairs. It also will most likely void your window warranty. It’s vitally important to hire a qualified expert to perform your window installation. Who better to install your windows than the company that made them?

One Window Warranty, One Company Held Accountable

Most window manufacturers have their own product warranty to protect you in the event of a product failure. While the warranty may seem irrelevant during the purchase process, it’s not. Warranties are company’s sign of confidence in their work product. The better the warranty, the less likely you are to experience problems with the purchase. If you do encounter a problem, a strong warranty should protect you.

If you’re hiring a separate window installer to perform your window installation, you’ll have two warranties to review: the manufacturer’s warranty and the installer’s warranty. Dealing with multiple warranties can leave gaps in coverage. If a dispute should arise between the installer and the manufacturer, you could be left unprotected.

When your windows are purchased and installed by the same company, you’ll have only one warranty to read, and all coverage is provided by that one warranty, including installation workmanship and a product guarantee. There can be no arguments about which entity is responsible for your windows: there is only one company to be held accountable for your installation.

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At Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro, we install our own award-winning windows and protect our windows with one of the best warranties in the business. To get started with your window purchase, contact us through our website or use the toll free number 1-888-826-2451 to set up an appointment for consultation.



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