As the year comes to a close and weather starts to get colder, you might notice that your windows are looking “foggy”. Condensation on windows can be a problem for many reasons, including poor visibility, damage to the window frame and an overall wet, soggy mess. If your home’s windows experience this problem at this time of year, it’s important to know what causes condensation and what you can do about it.

Window Condensation Causes

If your home’s windows spend the late fall and winter covered in droplets of water, or even ice when it gets really cold, there could be multiple problems happening in your home.

  • Above average humidity in your home. Condensation gathers on windows when the air is humid and the glass is cold. Your home’s humidity should stay between 25 and 40% in winter, depending on the temperature outside. The lower the temperature outside, the lower the humidity in your home should be.
  • Poor window insulation. If your windows are poorly insulated, the glass will be very cold through much of the winter, which will cause the moisture inside your home to gather on the glass.
  • Poor ventilation. Poor ventilation can cause humidity to rise in your home, which can lead to condensation on your windows.

Why You Should Stop Window Condensation

Condensation can lead to mold and mildew in your home and may even can cause window sills and window frames to rot. Ultimately, condensation can reduce your home’s indoor air quality by contributing to mold and mildew spores in the air.

What You Can Do About Window Condensation

You may notice condensation occurring on the inside of some windows of your home, but not others. Condensation is common in rooms like the bathroom and kitchen, where boiling water and showers can make humidity levels rise. Running vents while cooking and showering can help prevent this problem. However, if the problem occurs throughout your home, there are other things you can do to stop condensation from occurring.

Run the Dehumidifier

Running a dehumidifier in your home throughout the winter can help keep condensation off the windows. To avoid nosebleeds, don’t let humidity levels drop below 25%.

Improve Ventilation

Poor ventilation can lead to high humidity. If your home has high humidity, work with a contractor to improve your home’s ventilation to reduce humidity.

Replace Your Home’s Windows

Poor window insulation causes the glass to get very cold, which then makes the environment right for condensation to form on the windows. Replacing your home’s windows with dual pane Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro windows can improve your home’s energy efficiency and keep your window glass from getting cold enough to cause condensation in a home with proper humidity levels. Our windows shouldn’t get cold in the winter, because they utilize advanced insulated glass. That’s why our windows earned the 2019 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year award.

Get Rid of Window Fog! Contact Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro

Foggy windows can be a problem for sure! If your home’s windows are regularly filmed over with water throughout the winter, this could be a sign of other problems that need to be addressed. To find out more about improving your window’s energy efficiency, contact Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro. Call us today at 1-888-826-2451 or fill out the short form on this page to make an appointment.



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