From the earliest times, window glass was framed with wood. Today, windows can be made from a variety of materials. Though wooden frames are still quite common, composite wood is quickly rising in popularity. If you’re considering installing new windows in your home, it’s helpful to know the difference between composite wood and natural wood as used in window frames. At Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro, all of our windows are made from a composite wood material called Fibrex. We’d like you to know how this modern material compares to traditional wood.

How Composite Wood Compares to Natural Wood

Natural wood has warmth and beauty that has been an attractive feature to homeowners for decades. When properly installed and maintained, it’s also strong and long-lasting. Natural wood must be protected from moisture and exposure to the elements. Without this protection, it can rot and decay over time.

Composite wood is strong, long-lasting, requires little maintenance, and does not need to be sealed for protection from moisture and the elements. In fact, composite wood can even have the beauty of natural wood. Though it’s made from a combination of resins and wood pulp, it looks very much the same as natural wood, without the maintenance nightmares.

All About Fibrex Window Frames

Fibrex material is a product made exclusively by Renewal by Andersen. It’s made from a combination of wood pulp and thermoplastic polymer. It’s twice as strong as vinyl, and won’t ever peel, blister or fade. It also blocks thermal transfer about 700 times better than aluminum. In other words, it’s incredibly durable and energy efficient.

Durable Window Frames

Fibrex material is able to withstand exposure to years of sunshine and the harsh conditions that all windows are exposed to. That makes them incredibly durable, so they’ll last decades.

Low Maintenance Window Frames

Fibrex material never needs to be painted or sealed, which means that it’s incredibly low maintenance. Unlike normal wooden windows, which need to be coated in stain or painted on a regular basis, Fibrex only needs to be cleaned periodically in order to look and perform its best.

Beautiful Window Frames

We created Fibrex material to be beautiful. It’s got all the warmth of wood, so it’s the perfect replacement for wooden windows. Fibrex material is designed to look at home in historic houses, in modern residences, and everywhere in between.

Tired of Your Old Wooden Windows? Contact Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro

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