When Should You Replace Your Windows in New Jersey & New York?

When to Replace Replacement Windows New York New Jersey Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York specializes in helping area homeowners update their windows and we understand that every customer has a unique set of goals and expectations. Some come to us wanting to just replace one or two windows. Others are thinking of replacing all the windows in their home to improve indoor climate control. Still others have a major renovation project in the works and replacing the windows is just one of many jobs they are trying to coordinate. We strive to provide all the information a person needs to make informed decision about ordering and installing replacement windows so, this week we are going to look at one of the most common scenarios we see fairly often.

The scenario: You’re thinking about upgrading your home windows and siding. You may want to do some roof repair and add a deck in the near future. So, which project do you tackle first?

Step One: Consider the Roof First
This is a complex question. Usually, contractors recommend working from the top down. Tools fall off the roof. Stray nails or brads can discharge from an air gun and ricochet into a window, breaking the glass. If you have a roof problem, you should start there. But, there isn’t anything about future roof repairs that would pose risks to new windows, unless the contractor doesn’t take the necessary steps to protect glazing and frames from falling debris that could scratch surfaces or cause other damage and assumes responsibility for any damage caused during the repair or replacement process.

Step Two: Draft Your New Deck Plans
Adding a deck is more closely related to window replacement projects. For one thing, if you want access to the deck, you might want to replace existing windows with a sliding or a French-styled patio door. In some situations, you may want to go the other way, installing a window overlooking a deck, and relocating an existing door so you don’t have to worry about blocking traffic patterns or outdoor furniture placement. Depending on your vision, which replacement window and patio door styles you choose will directly impact how functional your outdoor space is, and how you will use your windows in proximity.

Step Three: Move on to the Siding
This is an easier question to answer. Most home improvement contractors usually recommend you replace the windows before the siding because it makes it easier to properly flash windows without damaging the new vinyl siding. However, because replacement windows don’t require you to remove the existing window frames, professional replacement window specialists have the expertise to replace windows and doors in homes without disturbing the existing siding and wraps.

Vetting contractors before signing any contract is very important, especially during a staged renovation, because accidents, and outright negligence, can cause damage. Make sure you know who is financially responsible if something goes wrong. And, don’t forget to get a written warranty that clearly explains what is and what is not covered, if a problem shows up after the job is complete.

Step Four: Design and Install Replacement Windows
In the scenario above, we would recommend homeowners draft the deck project first, even if they plan to wait until later to build it. Doing so will help make sure you design windows and doors that are functional and beautiful. You can address entrance and egress patterns and carefully consider the relationship between the outdoor and indoor spaces.

Then, start the process of designing your new home improvement products based on how you will use each room, who will occupy the rooms and your decorating goals. Remember, lot orientation and landscaping influence which Energy Star certified windows will be more energy-efficient in different areas of your home. Whether you choose a double-hung window or a casement window for bedrooms may depend on the overall aesthetic of your home and whether you want to replace existing windows with a similar style or you want to alter the overall appearance dramatically.

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