Basement windows are frequently exposed to standing water, ice and snow. Because of their vulnerable position in your house, it’s important to ensure that the basement windows you install are able to withstand regular exposure to moisture.

Basement windows can be high on the wall and difficult to reach, so choosing the right design is important. With a little research and by hiring a professional to perform the window installation, you can ensure that your basement windows are right for you and will last.

Choose the Right Basement Window Type

It’s typical for homeowners to choose awning-style windows for their basement because they are easy to open from below. That said, in the case of basements that are only half buried in the ground, sliding windows are also common. Work with your window installer to determine which windows are most appropriate for your particular basement.

Purchase Energy Efficient Windows

Basement windows have to be energy efficient in order to maintain a comfortable environment inside. Basements are often constructed without heating and cooling installed, so they tend to be chilly spaces in winter, and keeping them warm and comfortable at colder times of year can be difficult. Installing energy efficient windows, like Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro windows, is important for ensuring that your basement is protected from energy leaks, moisture intrusion, and more.

How can you tell if the windows you’re thinking about installing are energy efficient? Look for awards and the ENERGY STAR designation. Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro windows earned the ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year award for Sustained Excellence in for several years in a row, so they’re an excellent choice for many basements.

Select Your Window Installer Carefully

Window installation in basements can be tricky, especially when you consider the local building codes as they relate to egress windows. Hiring a knowledgeable professional helps ensure that your finished basement is code-compliant and safe for all members of your household.

Research your window installer carefully before signing a contract to ensure that your window installer understands local building codes. If the window installer you select does a less-than-professional job, your windows could be installed incorrectly, and that could invalidated your warranty, create code violations and devalue your home.

Need to Install Windows In Your Finished Basement? Contact Renewal by Andersen

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