The typical consumer may be hard-pressed to tell just by looking at two replacement windows, which one will perform better in their home. You may not see stark visual differences between a Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro window or patio door and another brand if you are trying to determine which window has the highest insulating metrics or which one offers the best condensation control for you. But, there are definitely differences.

Since visual differences may or may not indicate performance differences, it is now more than ever before imperative that brands do their best to differentiate themselves from other companies competing in the same space.

So, how do you, as a consumer, wade through the hype and “paid messaging” and get down to what really matters – which replacement window is the best for your home?

Approach Window Appearance Decisions Logically

While a beautiful package may not increase energy efficiency or translate into a longer life cycle, appearance does matter. Studies confirm that people often make emotional decisions, then justify their decisions with logic. If a person does not like the way a product looks, they may be swayed toward another product, even if the more attractive package isn’t necessarily the least expensive or most energy efficient.

For people considering installing replacement windows, these research findings might mean it would be better to consider strictly appearance-based decisions toward the end of the replacement window buying journey, after you’ve decided on a brand that offers superior quality and measurable performance.

Choose Window Performance Features Wisely

When third party agencies rate replacement window and patio door performance, they tend to look at three features:

  • First, the appearance: This includes colors, design features, optional accessories, etc.
  • Second, operational performance: This includes things such as how easy it is to open and close a window, does the window manage heat gain or light transfer effectively, is the window unit structurally sounds, can a window be expected to continue to operate smoothly for many years in the future, etc.
  • Third, warranty and service: Typically the length of coverage and ease of getting service when needed are near the top of the list for consumers in this area.

Let Customer Service Guide Decisions

Customer service speaks volumes about a brand. You can tell a lot about the products you are considering by paying close attention to how replacement window representatives respond to questions about products and services.

Here are four questions you might ask, and how we typically respond when asked.

#1. Does the replacement window company provide installation? We believe a company should install every window and patio door it sells to ensure quality workmanship, whether the customer buys a simple sliding window or a specialty bay window configuration.

#2. Can you explain the order and delivery process in three minutes or less?

#3. How does your price compare to others in the area? A reputable dealer should be able to give you an itemized price before you order new fixtures.

#4. What happens if I have a problem after the sale/installation? It is always preferable to be able to reach a local salesperson or service team member, or even talk to the representative who helped with your original order.

What Does Your Favorite Replacement Window Look Like?

We hope this article has helped you understand more about comparing different replacement window brands. If you still have questions, our customer service team is standing by to help. You can reach a local representative by filling in the short form on this page or calling 1-888-826-2451 to schedule a private, in-home consultation to discuss your concerns.



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