Energy efficient windows have obvious value because they can help you reduce your home’s energy bills – but that’s not their only value. Energy efficient windows bring value to your home, your health, and your life in many subtle ways.

By improving your home’s value, providing soundproofing and more, your energy efficient windows can improve your and your family’s quality of life in many ways. That makes them a good investment overall. This is what you should take into consideration when you’re buying high quality energy efficient windows for your home.

Energy Efficient Windows Improve Your Home’s Value

Typical home buyers want the home they purchase to have features that will improve their quality of life. Thus, energy efficient windows can improve your home’s value by making your home more appealing to buyers. More appeal means a higher resale value and a faster sale to a larger market of potential buyers

In fact, the Return On Investment of new windows can be as high as 85%, which means that you’ll recover most of your costs if you sell your home soon after installing new windows. Of course, that’s not counting the value of the time you spend in the house with the windows. And when the time comes to sell your home, you’ll have a leg up on other houses on the market with old, inefficient windows.

If you want to maximize your home’s value when you sell, tell your real estate agent about your new windows when you put the house on the market. Your real estate agent will likely call attention to your new windows when they write the listing for your home. And if you purchase Renewal by Andersen windows, your industry-leading warranty will be transferable to the new homeowners, providing even more value.

Energy Efficient Windows Offer Protection from Outside Noises

Energy efficient windows not only protect you from the weather outside, they also offer protection from loud noises. This protection will be more noticeable if you’re replacing your single pane windows with double pane windows or your windows were poorly sealed. Single pane windows offer only a thin sheet of glass between your home and the outside world, thus providing little sound protection.

Double pane windows have two pieces of thick glass and a layer of inert gas in between. Whether you’ve got noisy neighbors or you live on a busy street, your energy efficient windows should protect you from the worst of the sound outside.

Energy Efficient Windows Can Improve Your View

When your windows are inefficient, it’s useful to keep your blinds, curtains or drapes closed through the warmest and coldest weather, to block warm and cold drafts in order to keep your home a comfortable temperature. When you have energy efficient windows, you can enjoy a beautiful view throughout the day, even when the temperature outside is at its highest or lowest. Open those windows on moderate days and let the sun shine in! You won’t regret it.

Energy Efficient Windows Improve Your Everyday Comfort

One of the things you’ll love most about your energy efficient windows is the improved comfort you’ll feel during the day and throughout the night. Energy efficient windows stop cold drafts in the winter and infrared light in the summer from passing through your windows, which can help you maintain the temperature that you’ve set on your thermostat.

Seeking Energy Efficient Windows for Your Home? Install Award-Winning Windows in Your Home

Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro sells award-winning windows. Renewal by Andersen windows are Energy Star rated and made from highly efficient low-E glass, which blocks infrared light and helps your home maintain a comfortable temperature. To learn more about getting Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro windows installed in your home, call toll-free at 1-888-826-2451 or fill out the short form on this page.


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