Updating your home with Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro replacement windows and patio doors allows homeowners to express their personal style and personality. You also have an opportunity to create an amazing new curb appearance and accentuate the character and special architectural features of your home.

Have you thought about the relationship between your windows and your landscaping plan? Of course, winter isn’t the usual time to think about your landscaping, spring and summer will be here eventually, so it’s important to think about it when planning your new window project.

Home Windows & Green Spaces Should Complement Each Other

Both modern replacement windows and native plants need access to an abundance of natural sunlight. Living in a New Jersey or New York metropolitan area may mean that surrounding structures block all or part of the natural light patterns, so you want to maximize what you can get.

When choosing Energy Star certified replacement windows, remember to consider how many hours of direct sunlight will hit the glass of every window. Armed with this information, you can decide whether to choose a glass solution designed to limit heat gain during the summer months, maximize winter heat gain, or balance the seasonal changes with a glazing that works about the same throughout the seasons.

Like choosing glass types, when you update bedding plants, you’ll want to consider the surrounding natural and man-made structures to be sure you select plants that will thrive in the amount of sunlight available each day.

You’ll also want to consider how certain styles may influence whether you want a window box installed above or below some windows. This will help determine whether you want a style that opens outward, or operates flush with the wall, such as a slider or double-hung replacement window.

Free space near the house allows you to choose a swing-in or swing-out French-style patio door, whereas if you have a narrow path leading to the backyard entrance, you may want a sliding patio door to avoid damaging your plants or blocking traffic patterns.

Just remember, plants and windows should work together to create beautiful, functional interior spaces that seamlessly connect with your outdoor living areas.

Replacement Windows & Plants Work Together to Enhance Safety & Security

Planting shrubs and flowering plants near your home can add visual texture that draws the eye. Most landscaping experts recommend you use a variety of plants with different colors, heights, and textures when creating a landscaping plan.

Ideally, plants should be about 36 inches from the house to allow a safe emergency exit as well as air flow to prevent trapped moisture that can damage your home’s siding and framing. If you want to add another layer of security, plant thorny species under the windows to deter would be criminals from attempting to gain unauthorized access to your home.

Plant for Our New Jersey & New York Climate

Here in the New Jersey and New York Metro area, we have four distinct seasons. When you select plants, remember that as they grow, they may block natural light from hitting the glass, but during their non-growing season, your windows may experience a full day of brilliant sunshine. Look for plants that transition from season to season, and window styles that will complement your lifestyle throughout the year.

Create Lasting Window-Landscaping Relationships With Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro

One of the many advantages of updating your home with customizable replacement window solutions is the ability to design best-fit windows for every room in your home. Window styles that open outward, such as the casement style may interfere with traffic patterns and landscaping when installed near the ground, but could be an excellent option for your kitchen or upstairs bath. Thoughtfully considering how each window will interact with landscaping (and surrounding structures) and vice versa is the best way to ensure a successful project.

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