Tips To Create a Stunning View for Your New Jersey or New York Home

New Jersey New York Replacement Window Tips to a Stunning ViewAt the end of a long day, nothing is better than relaxing in your New Jersey or New York metro area home, enjoying a beautiful view from your easy chair. Right now, many of us are anxiously watching for the first signs of spring as we look out our windows. If you’re thinking about updating those windows, remember that creating a stunning view from inside and out should always include careful consideration during the design phase.

Here are seven tips to get you pointed in the right direction so your view from the inside will be as beautiful and enjoyable as your curbside view.

Number One: Let Your Home Guide You

Choosing the right window style for your home is critical. Whether you live in a colonial ranch, a craftsman inspired cottage or a rehabilitated victorian, your windows should complement the home’s architectural style. Unadorned floor to ceiling glass walls work wonders in a traditional Tudor home, but some architectural styles benefit from particular design elements that add authenticity, balance and symmetry.

Number Two: Add a Splash of Color with Grilles
If your home exterior is bland, opting to install colorful Fibrex frames, trim and factory-finished between-the-glass grilles is a no-maintenance option to add a bit of visual interest. Removable wood interior grilles give you opportunities to update color choices as often as the mood strikes you, so you can design your room to meld with the outdoor view as the seasons change.

Number Three: Infuse or Accent With Color

Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors within the same palette. Painting trim one color and the doors, frames and garage or shed doors a complimentary color adds some depth to your color scheme without overwhelming the senses. Indoors, you may choose to match existing trim work, or create an eye-catching feature that frames your outdoor view.

Number Four: Mix Windows Styles for Comfort and Beauty

Showcasing a stunning outdoor scene is important, but being able to enjoy the view from the comfort of your home is equally essential. Make sure you balance the number of operable window styles and fixed styles so you can open up the sash and enjoy a pleasant breeze as the weather warms up. Bringing in the fresh, fragrant air will lift your mood and let you truly immerse yourself in your view through the glass.

Number Five: Address Interior & Exterior Appearance

Some of our customers prioritize curb appeal over interior appearance. Modern window designs allow you to capture a clear, unobstructed outdoor view and maintain your interior decorating style. Look for styles that let you take advantage of natural sunlight (everything looks better bathed in natural light) without allowing easy viewing from the outdoors in very private spaces like bathrooms. Each room’s function may dictate a different style frame, glazing and hardware. If the natural elements surrounding your home afford spectacular views, you may consider fixed windows with sidelights or casement windows mulled under the picture window for ventilation.

Number Six: Capture the Sunlight

When you want to harness the power of the sun, consider your home’s lot orientation before determining window styles and glazing options. Depending on how you use your room and how many hours of direct sunlight each window receives, you can take advantage of window components that help you naturally control heating and air conditioning bills. If direct sunlight hits your windows during late afternoon, your television experience may be affected by the glare. Alternatively, you can use natural light bouncing off a strategically placed mirror to enhance the overall mood and tone of your family spaces.

Number Seven: Create Unique Focal Points with Diverse Applications

Most operable windows open up or down, or left to right. Awning windows (top hinged) and hopper windows (bottom hinged) push out or pull in. If you want to frame a picturesque scene, you can play up the unique features of your home with over-sized fixed window to capture the view and a variety of colors, shapes and finishes (like diamond design grilles) to enhance the interior details.

Create Stunning Views with Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro Replacement Windows and Patio Doors

Replacement windows empower homeowners in New Jersey and New York to create stunning views from the outside looking in and from the inside looking out. Paying attention to the tiniest details can help you take advantage of outdoor landscaping elements and natural sunlight to showcase your home’s unique character and personality while improving energy-efficiency and comfort.

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