Three Replacement Window Styles Your Home Needs: Double-Hung, Casement & Awning Windows

Among the many advantages of Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro replacement windows, the flexibility to replace existing home windows with different styles and shapes ranks high on the list. Some homeowners want keep the general appearance of their dwelling the same, and updating windows with similar styles is certainly an option. Others want to add a touch of elegance or whimsy with geometric shapes or special configurations. And, that is possible too, since replacement windows are custom-built to precisely fit the opening left when we remove the existing windows.

With so many choices, you might be wondering which window styles are best for you. Every family has a unique lifestyle and each house has its own personality and character. The three windows described below are just a few from our comprehensive selection that complement almost any architectural style and deserve a closer look before making any buying decisions.

Double-Hung Replacement Windows

double-hung-new-jerseyThe double-hung window, which operates vertically, is perhaps the most popular style in the New Jersey and New York Metro regions we serve. Like most of our windows, the double-pane, gas-between-the-panels construction provides exceptional protection against air and moisture leakage and heat loss.

There is more to this window than just good looks though. Since both sash move up and down, you can ventilate your rooms by raising the lower sash or dropping the upper sash (or both part way). This means children can’t easily climb through an open window (if you only drop the upper sash) and when you want a breeze circulating closer to the floor, you have that option. Our double-hung windows also tilt-in for easy cleaning. Plus, this style is available for over-sized and mini-sized versions. Double-hung windows offer performance and flexibility in a traditional shape – typically either square or rectangular.


Casement Windows for Capturing a Breeze and Attention

casement-window-new-jerseyWhen homeowners explore options primarily for energy efficiency, the casement window automatically comes to mind. The design, which includes a single lever operational handle, is rated “the-second-most-energy-efficient replacement-window-style,” out-performed only by fixed windows.

Because casement window sash press against weather-stripping rather than slide over the materials, there is less friction, resulting in less wear and tear over the lifetime of the window unit. This design ensures tighter closure against the elements, which means no cold drafts in the winter or hot air sneaking through tiny cracks during our blazing hot summers (not that you should expect air and moisture leaks from any of our high-quality replacement windows).

Beyond offering superior performance, casement windows complement other window styles, which means you can install a row of casement windows under, or above, a large picture window to enable air circulation. You can also configure casement windows to open from the left or right side, so you have the option of creating the appearance of French doors as an accent feature where you are replacing windows above ground level or on upper floors. Like double-hung windows, casement windows function perfectly as a style option in bay and bow configuration or as a complementary fixture for other styles.

Awnings for Accents and Attractive Additions

awning-window-new-jerseyAlthough it is easy to find a house that has mostly double-hung windows on Long Island, you won’t usually find a home furnished with awning windows in every room. Awning windows are hinged at the top and push (or cranked) outward, creating an umbrella of sorts that prevents a light rain from falling indoors when the window is open. This feature is unique to replacement window styles. Normally, you would have to install a covering of some type above the window – an awning – to achieve this functionality with other window styles. Hence the name.

Awning windows are often found high on the wall, in small rooms, hallways or basements. Today, you’ll also find them flanking other styles, as an operational transom above a door or beneath larger windows as an accent. Most awning windows are wider than they are tall, although you can utilize this style where you need a square window.

The Beauty is in the Details

All three of these styles work great as stand-alone window units or as a complementary option for fixed windows and multi-style configurations. Each one offers a unique set of advantages for homeowners, making it possible to carefully design an ideal window for every room in your home. And, with standard and custom grille patterns, a full palette of colors and many hardware finishes, you can create unique, beautiful replacement windows you will be proud of.

Finding Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro Replacement Windows for Every Room in Your Home

These three window styles are popular throughout New Jersey and New York and offer homeowners easy-to-clean, no maintenance fixtures guaranteed to stay beautiful for as long as you live in your home. Do you have some questions about these or other replacement window styles? We invite you to fill in the short form on this page or simply dial 1-888-826-2451 and speak to a replacement window consultant.


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