The Power of Color Psychology in Replacement Window Design  

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Installing Renewal by Andersen replacement windows and patio doors in your New Jersey or New York Metro home is an exciting journey and color psychology can play a big part. There is so much to think about. Will you choose to replace that row of large over-sized double-hung windows with a tri-configuration of sliders that create a wall of glass, or opt for a more traditional look and feel by going back with the same style? Are you going to design your own grille patterns or add some patterned glass to the transom above your entry door? And, what about color combinations?

If you are like many Americans, you anxiously wait for the annual reveal of trending fashion colors. What you may not know, is that color plays an integral part in real estate value, too. A Zillow study (2017 Paint Color Analysis) demonstrated that the right color (light blue to periwinkle are popular this year) in your bath could bring in $5,400 more than sellers expect. And, if you make the mistake of painting that same room eggshell, “plain white,” or off-white, you could find yourself in the hole by more than $4,000 ($4,035).

Of course, selecting the highest-value color to cover your walls isn’t the most important factor for all homeowners. You may be planning to age in place and have no intentions of selling your home. But, color choices are still important because psychologists tell us that the colors you surround yourself with have an impact on your mood, health and overall well-being. So, let’s take a look at how different color schemes may affect you. As you read through this brief overview, remember that color can make furnishings appear smaller and rooms feel larger – and vice versa. Also, various hues within a color spectrum can alter your mood and attitude. So, bird’s egg blue may not have the same impact as cerulean or navy.

Customizing With Paintable Replacement Window Interiors

Red: Never boring, energetic, bold, but versatile enough to create a cozy atmosphere if you pair the right shade with a subtle gray. Think magenta and barely-there gray. Did you know that certain red hues actually stimulate appetite?

Transform your kitchen into a hub of lively conversation with your favorite red tone, or pick shades with subtle brown or purple undertones for a more intimate, warmer space to gather with family and friends. Four bold red walls may be too much for some, so it is okay to only paint one or two walls. Depending on your overall decorating preferences, you may want to use the same color choice on the interior components of your replacement casement window over the sink, match your baseboards and molding, choose one of the standard wood finishes – pine, maple, oak – or even opt for a factory-applied canvas finish.

Orange: Exciting and invigorating like red, or warm and welcoming like yellow. This color palette offers a wide range of emotional triggers. At its core, and in its purest shades, the color orange is playful, fun and joyful. The proper shade of vibrant orange can motivate you to workout in the home gym, while a lighter /softer shade creates a calming effect that inspires romantic thoughts in the bedroom. And, also like red, orange in the kitchen boosts your appetite. This is a perfect choice for the den, the kitchen, the playroom –think mango for a playful, but not over-the-top energy surge – and the bedroom.

Green: Natures companion. The green color spectrum offers something for every room in your home. Some people equate rich, dark green with wealth and prosperity. Celery walls in the bedroom promote relaxation and rejuvenation. Color theory suggests you can find a shade of green to emote almost every emotion and one to fit almost every personality. For example, emerald green adds a touch of elegance to your master en suite while a darker, richer color for your entry door will create a welcoming appearance for your guests. And, green in all its various shades and hues works as a fantastic complement and looks great with other colors from neutrals to bright colors throughout the color spectrum. That’s why we offer Forest Green for replacement window exteriors – it works with so many architectural styles and existing paint colors.

Blue: Blue is the ideal color option for the powder room or family bath, it sparks relaxation, healing, increase brain activity and, when combined with colors with a brown undertone, adds warmth to any setting. Lavender sets a quiet tone, while violet creates a luxurious sensation.

Brown, Black, Gray and White: Properly used, browns, blacks, grays and whites are all neutral shades that help you define your spaces. Be careful to choose the right shade though. The Zillow study found that taupe and medium brown exterior dropped the selling price by $1,970 while a gray/brown hues increased the price by $1,526. It is all about texture and tone.

Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro Replacement Window Specialist Have a Color Perfect for Your Home

Finding the ideal color for every room in your home may seem overwhelming, but it often comes down to how an individual shade makes you feel. Whether you are looking for a replacement patio door to connect your interior and exterior spaces, or you’re ready to invest in new windows throughout your home, we can help you consider your options. Just fill in the short form on this page or call us at 1-888-826-2451 today.


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