Whatever prompted you to choose this time of year to consider installing replacement windows and doors in your New Jersey or New York home, we are happy you are considering Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey or New York Metro home improvement products.

Your lifestyle and decorating preferences will drive many decisions about replacement window design and features and we love sharing details about our Energy Star certified windows and doors that help homeowners save money on their heating and air conditioning bills.

So, let’s talk about the ABC’s — Aesthetics, Basic functionality and Confidence-factor — of replacement window and door hardware.

Keeping Up Window Hardware Appearances

Because the way a home looks and feels can make the difference between guests feeling at home and feeling like they have wandered into a museum complete with dozens of “HANDS OFF” signs, window accessory choices are very important.

xasement window handle New Jersey New YorkThe color and finish of levers, hinges and locks, where they are placed on a window and whether they are easily seen or almost invisible all impact your overall decorating scheme and the “feel” of your windows and doors and your home. If you want operational handles that virtually disappear into the window, you probably won’t be thrilled with a large protruding, easy-to-grasp lever installed on the lower portion of some casement windows. We’ve designed casement windo hardware that folds tight against the frame to make it streamlined, beautiful and easy to use. You can choose colors that make the handle less noticeable, but many people say it is best to consider the feature a prominent part of the interior décor.

We offer 10 decorative finishes and colors. Standard hardware options include White and Stone. Our Estate™ collection includes eight exclusive choices designed to complement your color and interior design scheme, including Distressed Nickel, Satin Nickel, Polished, Chrome, Brushed Chrome, Bright Brass, Antique Brass, Distressed bronze and oil rubbed bronze,. The sleek, sophisticated design lets you decorate your home with confidence that the hardware won’t limit window treatment choices.

With nearly a dozen hardware finishes to choose from, you can find something for every decorating scheme from sleek and sophisticated to old-world charm and country chic.

Considering Window & Door Hardware Basic Functionality

Replacement window and patio door hardware does more than look pretty, it complements and supports your lifestyle. Locks and closure hardware should always be stylish and functional.

Did you know …

  1. It is possible to get left-handed and right-handed operational levers?
  2. Slide locks and large, easy-grasp levers are easier for seniors and people with physical challenges to operate?
  3. Locks, guards and operational handles help prevent small children from accidentally falling through an open window?
  4. Recessed locks make it harder for criminals to gain access to your home?
  5. Extension wands are available for operational windows installed high on the wall?

Your replacement window specialist can answer questions about options for special needs family members.

Enhancing Your Confidence Factor

If you plan to install optional locks or new security equipment, remember to check your warranty coverage before you modify your windows.

Speaking of warranty coverage, that is the “C” in our ABCs of hardware review. Your warranty should give you confidence your new windows are going to look and perform as desired for decades — as long as you don’t abuse them by following these simple rules:

  • Don’t drill into the glass or window or door frame,
  • Don’t use harsh cleaning chemicals, or
  • Do follow the simple maintenance dos and don’ts covered in the warranty paperwork.

We’re very proud of our 20/2/10 warranty, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about coverage before you finalize your order.

Learn More about Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro Replacement Window & Patio Door Hardware

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