Specialty Replacement Windows Make Exciting New Jersey & New York Homes

New Jersey New York Specialty WindowsMaking a dramatic improvement to your New York and New Jersey residential living spaces is easy with specialty replacement windows. Unique shapes and sizes can accentuate architectural features of your home or add interest to a drab architectural style. When our Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro design consultants work with homeowners looking for options to incorporate more natural light and expand their viewing areas, we often recommend specialty replacement window shapes.

Most specialty windows are inoperable, but they work equally as well as stand-alone fixtures as well as combined with other windows to create extraordinary, complex geometric masterpieces.

  1. Benefits, Features and Options of Specialty Replacement Windows

energy-starSpecialty windows are among the most energy efficient windows available today. They are precision built to exactly fit the opening left when our installation team removes your existing windows. That means so leaking air or moisture – guaranteed. Also, since they don’t open, you’ll never have to worry about weather stripping failing with daily use or seals becoming less effective.

They’re air- and water-tight. Fibrex frames will never peel, rot, fade or mildew, and with ENERGY STAR certified windows, you can be certain your windows are working hard to keep conditioned air inside and moisture outdoors.

  1. Round Pane Specialty Replacement Windows

circlequarter-circleMany people associate curved glass, especially circle shapes, with nautical themes and seaside cottages. Adding custom grille patterns to a round window can change the appearance significantly.

Adding a circular window in bathroom settings creates a sense of serenity, especially when the room is painted white and the trim and frame are the same shade. Stationary windows don’t require hardware, but keep in mind that any operable windows in a white-on-white room need appropriate handles, hinges and levers to keep the tone consistent throughout the room.

  1. Right Triangle Specialty Replacement Windows

triangleright-triangleInstalling right triangle shaped replacement windows high on the wall makes an intriguing visual statement. When these windows flank an exposed brick or rock chimney, the winking effect is quite stunning.


  1. Circle Top and Chord Specialty Replacement Windows

Circle-topChordCircle top and chord windows mulled above casement or fixed pane windows add a touch of softness to an otherwise angular appearance. Circle tops look particularly beautiful above entrance doors. You may choose to install an intricate grille pattern and contrasting trim work, or keep it simple. Half circle specialty windows, and the more elongated chord design, are popular in New York and New Jersey because they offer so many decorative options for homeowners.

  1. Oval Specialty Replacement Windows

Like round windows, ovals add a unique touch of simple elegance to a room. Some of the most common placements include: bathrooms, in an attic alcove and as a source of extra light in rooms with vaulted ceilings.

  1. Combining Specialty Shape Replacement Windows

TrianglesCombining different shapes and sizes affords you a plethora of options. For example, joining right triangles, trapezoids and rectangular replacement windows creates an expansive triangle for a floor-to-ceiling wall of glass under a vaulted ceiling.

Great rooms in two-story houses provide the perfect opportunity to install sliding French patio doors, flanked by large fixed windows beneath the massive triangle. The result, an impressive entrance, an expansive viewing area and ample sunlight to flood your indoor spaces.

Another intriguing possibility is mulling together diverse shapes customized with patterned glass. Depending on the sizes and shapes chosen, this approach presents a subtle impression of stained glass. Installing patterned glazing increases privacy without blocking all the natural light.

  1. Octagon Specialty Replacement Windows

octagonLike ovals and circles, octagon replacement windows work well in bathrooms, above entrance doors and under the eaves. You’ll also find octagons installed above operable windows and high on the wall – sometimes for an extra light source and sometimes to add a distinct decorative element or architectural contrast.

Stand-Alone Specialty Replacement Window Options for New Jersey & New York Homes

peak-pentagonequal-leg-archEqual Leg Arch and Peak Pentagon shapes add a special touch to any room. Both geometric shapes provide a single point of light and subtle accent features; however by combining them with other shapes and sizes you can create a one-of-a-kind signature statement. Go bold, or go delicate with customized grille patterns that complement your exterior design features.

New Jersey & New York Specialty Replacement Windows Turn Ordinary into Extrordinary

Now that you know a few specialty replacement window options for your New Jersey or New York Metro home, we’d like to talk to you about designing your own custom-built windows. Naturally, your home needs a combination of stationary and operable windows, but specialty windows provide design flexibility to truly transform your living spaces. With high performance home improvement products, you can create beautiful, low-maintenance views of your world.

You can reach a Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro specialist by calling 1-888-826-2451 or filling in the short form on this page.


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