Updating your New Jersey or New York Metro home with modern replacement windows is an exciting journey for most homeowners. After all, windows are one of the most expressive elements of your dwelling. The window shape, size and glass options all directly influence the way your house looks to the outside world and determines how much light, air and sound enter your indoor spaces. When comparing diverse window styles, you’ll find two are very similar – Single Hung and Double Hung windows. Not sure which style is best for your home? Here is a quick comparison to help you decide.

The Most Recognizable Replacement Window Style Around

Although some people may not know the proper style names, almost everyone will recognize the classic design of both single- and Double Hung windows. From the sidewalk, it is virtually impossible to tell which style is installed in your home. Both window designs feature two separate sash. A sash is the frame that secures the glass in place – usually forming a square or rectangle. The primary difference in the two styles is the “movable” parts. A Single Hung replacement window has a fixed upper sash and a movable lower sash that raises vertically. Double Hung window designs allows homeowners to lower the upper sash and/or raise the lower portion.

Single Hung windows for buildings have been around longer than their more modern counterparts, the double hung window. But, even before the turn of the 20thcentury, companies were popping up that specialized in building door and window sash components for new homes. These specialty firms offered a full range of beautiful Double Hung configurations that included unique stained glass, arch-top shapes and some pretty impressive bow designs.

Comparing the Price Points of Single Hung and Double Hung Replacement Windows

While Single Hung home windows have been around longer than Double Hung styles, today’s manufacturing techniques mean that prices are influenced more by overall window unit size and optional features than style alone. It is true that Single Hung windows are sometimes slightly less expensive than styles with multiple moving sash, but the fixed upper panel means you have to give up the convenience of tilt-to-clean functionality that allows you to clean interior and exterior surfaces from inside your home. And, although some say the fixed upper sash provides a more energy-efficient option, the savings on heating and air conditioning bills is minimal compared to a Double Hung solution. When deciding which style is best for your home, remember that low-E glass available today coupled with high-performance frame materials – like our exclusive Fibrex composite – enhance energy-efficiency significantly compared to all windows built and sold in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Advantages of Double Hung Replacement Windows Compared to Single Hung Styles

Both types of windows are subject to rigorous energy-efficiency standards today. Whether you choose a window style with one movable sash, or two, the performance ratings should be fairly consistent. Double Hung windows offer some security and safety features that a window style with only one movable sash can’t. For example, think back a minute to the tilt-to-clean design. It might be a hassle to run back and forth cleaning the interior and exterior surfaces of your windows on the ground level, but cleaning the windows on upper floors requires climbing ladders and finding someone to “spot you from the ground,” if you have Single Hung windows. And, for homes with small children, lowering only the upper sash means you have less worry about your little ones climbing (or falling) through an open window. So convenience, safety and peace of mind are all advantages you’ll find in the Double Hung style that you won’t see in a Single Hung window.

Customizing Your New Home Windows

Modern manufacturing processes have replaced the necessity for constructing large home windows with multiple panes joined by wood strips called mullions or muntins. However, you can still get that classic look with optional grilles. Glass options today allow you to control light levels and reflect heat back into your home during cold weather or reduce heat transfer during the scorching hot days of summer. Exclusive hardware styles, microfine insect screens and a full range of color options allow you to design replacement windows that reflect your personality and decorating preferences, without compromising performance or functionality. You can even choose to build Double Hung windows with different sized sash. Although the upper and lower “units” are typically the same width, homeowners may opt for a taller (or shorter) upper sash to maintain the original appearance. Customizing your new windows allows you to truly express yourself, one window at a time.

Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro Double Hung Replacement Windows Are an Excellent Option for Homeowners

We recommend Double Hung replacement windows over Single Hung styles for their inherent versatility and functionality. If you’re ready to explore design features and customization options in depth, simply fill in the short form on this page or give us a call at 1-888-826-2451 and schedule a private home consultation with a replacement window specialist today.

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