Old windows become inefficient over time. As they expand and contract with temperature changes and as their caulking deteriorates, old windows can lead to high utility bills and start to drag down the value of your home. Even if your old windows are properly maintained, they’re unlikely to be as energy-efficient as today’s modern energy-efficient windows.

Signs Your Windows Are Inefficient

Knowing the signs that your windows are inefficient and what you can do about it can help you take care of your home. Below are some problems you might notice if your windows are inefficient.

Condensation on Window Glass

For condensation to occur, the inside of your windows must be very cold while the indoor air around your windows is warm and humid. Condensation is most likely to occur in rooms like the bathroom and kitchen, where the air is naturally moist after cooking and bathing. Insulated windows with two panes of glass are less likely to have this problem because the surface of glass inside the house should be relatively warm compared to the temperature outside.

Drafts Around and Through Window Frames

Drafts are a particular problem for windows that have warped or changed shape over time, so their frames no longer fit well. Old caulking and weather stripping also wear out and lead to both air and moisture leaks. Sometimes drafts occur because the windows themselves don’t close properly any longer.

Uneven Temperatures In Your Home

If the west- and south-facing rooms in your home feel warmer than the rooms facing east and north, this is a clear sign of inefficient windows. Energy-efficient windows shouldn’t have this problem, because the glass in these windows should protect from both heat and cold temperatures outside.

Increasingly High Utility Bills

If your utility bills are too high during the winter and summer, inefficient windows could be contributing to your problem. There are many reasons your utility bills might be too high. Consider having an energy audit performed on your home to find out if the cause is your windows.

Single Pane Windows are Inefficient

Single pane windows are highly inefficient – and no longer available for residential installation in most places. Unless your windows are historic and valuable because of their age, replacement is probably the best option for you.

What You Can Do to Improve Window Efficiency

You can make your windows more energy efficient by following these tips.

Weatherstrip Your Windows

Weatherstrip your windows annually to cut back drafts and reduce air leaks around your windows. Check caulking around your windows and replace the caulking as needed to prevent energy leaks and drafts.

Use Curtains Strategically

Close your blinds or curtains against the hot sun to prevent your home from heating up in the summer. Open the curtains and blinds when you need heat from direct sunlight.

Install New Windows

Old windows, particularly single-pane models, can lead to uncomfortable temperatures in your home throughout the year. Renewal by Andersen’s dual pane windows, made from our exclusive Fibrex window frame material, are highly energy efficient. Replacing old, inefficient windows can reduce your home’s utility bills and cut back HVAC system wear and tear.

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