Should You Replace Windows A Few at a Time or All at Once?

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Updating your New Jersey or New York Metro home with high-performance, Energy Star labeled replacement windows and patio doors is a big step. While some people plan their upgrade around a major renovation, and want to get every window replaced at the same time, not everyone is ready for a total make-over all at once. These people wonder if replacing a few home windows at a time is a wise investment decision. At Renewal by Andersen, we let our customers guide the journey.

Here are a few advantages and drawbacks of planning a staged replacement window project.

Advantages of Replacing Home Windows a Few at a Time

Repairing or replacing significantly damaged and inefficient windows as soon as possible if the wisest approach. Broken window panes pose safety and security issues. If you have damaged single-pane window glass, you allow moisture, insects, rodents, airborne dirt and debris, and allergens to enter your home unchecked. All these unwanted elements can cause damage to your home’s structure, wiring, furnishings and your family’s health. Further, if one of the panels in a double-pane window with insulating gas between the panes is broken, you lose the energy-saving capability.

So, if you have broken panes, windows that leak air and moisture and frames that are rotting or warped, even replacing a few windows at a time will improve the energy-efficiency, safety and security of your home.

Another advantage of staging is that you can plan your project around available cash, replacing the windows with the most issues, or most-used rooms, or the second floor, or street-facing windows first, then replace the remaining areas later.

Potential Drawbacks of a Staged Replacement Window Project

Some people say that staged renovations make their home look like a work-in-progress, especially if you only replace 2 or 3 existing windows once or twice a year. Of course, a work-in-progress that is saving you money on heating and cooling bills every month may be worth an occasional odd look from a passersby or neighbor.

Another potential drawback for homeowners who plan to finance their replacement window project may be the higher total cost of ownership. Right now, interest rates are a little higher than last year, and the Fed could choose to issue another increase sometime this year, so if you want to get the best interest rate overall, the sooner you apply for a home improvement line of credit or a loan, the better rate you’re likely to get.

The biggest disadvantage of a staged replacement window project is delayed benefits — you’ll wait longer to enjoy a home totally free of winter drafts and cooled air escaping through the windows as the temperature heats up.

You’ll also have to wait for the noise filtering capabilities of modern, high-performance replacement windows, which means you’ll continue to hear the neighborhood sounds while you’re trying to sleep a little longer.

In the end, the choice to stage a full-house replacement window project, or wait until you can do it all at the same time depends on your budget, your renovation goals and how well (or poorly) your existing windows are working for you and your family.

Start Your Renewal by Andersen Replacement Window Project Today

Whether you’re ready to replace all home windows immediately, or you need help planning a staged replacement window project for your New Jersey or New York metropolitan home, we can help.

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