Should Replacement Window Frames Match or Contrast Exterior Finishes?

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Homeowners in New Jersey and New York metro neighborhoods who plan to update their facade may be considering how replacement window frame colors may impact the overall aesthetic of their homes. While most people tend to choose colors they like, sometimes that isn’t the best way to choose house paint. This Renewal by Andersen of Long Island article has tips and tricks for choosing the perfect color combination.

Follow the Color Formula for Success

There is a pliable, but reliable, rule that house painters follow when it comes to color combinations. It’s called the 60-30-10 rule, and relies on using three basic colors to create a well-balanced, pleasing appearance.

Here’s how it works . . .

Vinyl, wood, brick, shingles – whatever covers the largest visible surface of your house – share one common color, the 60 percent color.

A second color covers 30 percent of your visible exterior, and is often something that isn’t changeable, like the roofing material, or it may be the color used for entrance doors and the garage or other architectural elements

The third color acts as an accent color, which is typically seen on replacement window frames, trim and as a pop of color around doors, porch railings and columns. Sometimes, people paint the fascia (found just beneath the edges of the roof line) with this third color.

A harmonious color scheme considers the various unchangeable hues and shades – such as the gold flecks in red bricks or the subtle blues and grays cast from dark roof shingles.

Accent Color Pro Tip: Avoid using accent colors to draw attention to unsightly or otherwise drab elements. Creating an attractive facade means gutters, rain spouts and inconveniently placed windows and air conditioner units melt into the surroundings.

Look Around for Inspiration

Before you run to the hardware store or home center to gather a stack of paint chips, take a spin around your neighborhood. An afternoon drive gives you a chance to see what color combinations work (and, which ones don’t) in homes that have similar style and era features as your own house.

Online sites like Houzz, Pinterest and Home & Gardens also offer thousands of images that might help you identify possible color combinations.

You can also download the Renewal by Andersen 3D app and try on various window styles and color combinations so you have a better idea of what your home might look like after your upgrade.

Contrasting vs Coordinating Replacement Window Colors

The choice of whether to counter your broad surfaces with a contrasting color or to use matching colors on trim and replacement window elements comes down to what you expect from your color choices. If you want to add a bit of charm and warmth, contrasting colors emphasize your home’s character.

Keep these color facts in mind as you consider your options.

  • Light colors generally bring details closer, while dark colors tend to add an air of stability and substance.
  • Consider your landscaping. Choose colors that compliment plants and foliage, but still maintain a subtle independence.
  • Don’t be afraid to use colors that accurately reflect your personality, but do so in a way that doesn’t offend or anger those living in proximity.

Still Have Questions About How to Choose Renewal by Andersen Replacement Window Colors?

Before you make the final decision, learn how your color selections may influence your property values. Then, if you still have questions, check out our beautiful color palette in person at our showroom. Better yet, fill in the short form on this page or call 888-826-2451 to speak to a replacement window design specialist today.


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