7 Key Replacement Window Features Every New Jersey & New York Homeowner Must Consider

New Jersey New York Top 7 Replacement Window FeaturesWhen replacing the windows in your New Jersey or metro New York home, you’ve got a lot to think about—especially during the design phase of the process. Of course, you want to make sure that the exterior and interior colors and hardware choices mesh beautifully with your existing color scheme. But you’ll have to make other “invisible” decisions as well—decisions that affect the energy efficiency and performance, such as the frame and construction materials, and the configuration (style) of your new windows.

When you contact Renewal by Andersen, one of our home improvement specialists will talk you through your options, but here are a few things you’ll definitely want to consider.

1. Replacement Window Materials

It’s just your basic glass panes and wood window frames, right? Actually, windows aren’t that simple anymore. Advanced technology and innovative manufacturing processes mean you now have multiple options for both frame materials and glazing options. Three popular choices are the classic wood-clad window frames, vinyl and Fibrex composite (a composite of wood and vinyl). Exclusive to Renewal by Andersen, Fibrex combines the best of the former two choices: it is as stable as wood and as weather-resistant as vinyl, so it’s more durable than either and perfect for our unpredictable northeastern weather.

2. Quality Replacement Window Construction

Your window’s longevity depends upon the highest quality materials as well as the quality of craftsmanship. You want to ensure your replacement windows and patio doors are manufactured and assembled by expert craftsmen to precise tolerances at the factory to ensure years of trouble-free performance. You’ll want to ensure they are carefully packaged and shipped so they arrive at your home in the same condition they were in when they left the factory. Ask how they’re packed. Simply shrink-wrapping does not offer the protection from in transit abuse many windows suffer. After you windows arrive, they are installed by carefully selected, trained technicians that understand the importance of protecting your investment. Since you won’t have to vet contractors or negotiate installation prices, you’ll have less to worry about while you update your windows.

3. ENERGY STAR Benefits
Energy-efficiency labeling isn’t just for major home appliances. As a matter of fact, Renewal by Andersen has been a member of the ENERGY STAR program since it began, and has been awarded the Partner of the Year for Sustained Excellence year after year. Because Andersen windows block thermal transfer as well as harmful UV rays and because they’re virtually maintenance-free, they’re designed to facilitate good stewardship of your energy resources—and hopefully to save you money, whether you’re working to make your home eligible for local energy conservation incentives or just trying to save on your heating and air conditioning bills.

4. Low Maintenance

Fibrex frames are designed to prevent rot, fungus growth, expansion and contraction with temperature changes and even blistering/chipped finishes. Innovative, factory-applied finishes also keep the glass looking cleaner for longer. And, the operational hardware works smoothly and flawlessly for years. Installing beautiful, custom-built windows in your home that are designed to retain their beauty and functionality for years means you might be able to find something more fun to do on those weekends you used to set aside for cleaning, scraping, patching and resurfacing your window wood frames and trim.

5. Exterior Window Colors

This is the fun part! Don’t be stuck with just white. Choose from seven exterior colors to enhance your home’s style. Whether you’re complementing clean white trim or going for a more rustic look, you’ll find an option that gives your home a much-needed facelift, both inside and out.

6. Other Replacement Window Options

To really make your windows your own, weather to match the architectural style of your home or just to make a statement, you have other options to consider. Window Grilles can really make a difference in both the interior and exterior look of your entire home. Choose from eight standard designs, or create one of your own. Once you decide on the grille pattern, you can choose how those grilles fit on the window: between the glass, full divided lite, interior applied grilles. All insect screens are not the same either. Standard screens will get the job done, but you can select wood-veneered TruScreen insect screens to match your windows and provide 50 percent more clarity through your windows.

7. Interior Colors & Window Hardware

Prefinished interior colors and paintable interiors give you the freedom to customize your new windows’ appearance. No matter what your interior color scheme is, your new windows will be a beautiful addition to your interior design. The smallest details often pack the biggest punch. When it comes to choosing interior hardware for your new windows, don’t choose lightly! Renewal by Andersen windows come standard with color-matched hardware. If you want to accentuate your upgrades, you can always choose from upgrade to the Estate Collection, which includes hardware in a variety of finishes from oil-rubbed bronze to antique brass.

There’s More to Designing Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & Metro New York Replacement Windows Than Just Ordering a Newer Version of Your Existing Windows

We know you’ll love your new Renewal by Andersen replacement windows. How do we know that? We guide our customers through the design process every step of the way to make sure that even the tiniest detail helps them meet their decorating and energy-saving goals. Do you have questions about upgrading your New Jersey or Metropolitan New York home? Fill in the short form on the page to request more information or give us a call at 1-888-826-2451.

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