Will Renewal by Andersen Windows Look Right on My Rural New Jersey Home?

People in the more rural areas of New Jersey often have questions about the how Renewal by Andersen replacement windows will look on their more rustic home. When you start looking for replacement windows, you should always consider whether the window style is appropriate for your home’s style it’s location and neighborhood character. Fortunately, Renewal by Andersen of Central New Jersey builds every window in classic architectural styles to rigorous standards for efficiency and low-maintenance performance in every location, whether that’s rural, suburban or urban. While our windows perform beautifully in every setting, each final design is unique based on size, shape, style, frame and glass choice. Here are three window types to consider.

Casement Windows

Renewal by Andersen New Jersey Casement Window
Renewal by Andersen New Jersey Casement Window

New Jersey is blessed with four distinct seasons and each one has its own challenges and perks. The average high temperature in January and February fluctuates between 35 degrees and 45 degrees, depending on which region you live in. As a resident, you’ve come to expect a mix of rainy days and sleet/rain/snow days. Casement windows keep the cold, damp weather outside where it belongs.

Rather than a window sash the raises vertically, casement windows open out with crank-style hardware. The unique latching system with multiple locking positions creates an airtight seal that prevents warm air from escaping your home and cold air from entering. This same design works equally well in summer months when you want to avoid the seasonal heat and high-humidity from running up your power bill.

The crank-style opening mechanism makes casement windows a great choice for areas that are harder to reach to open the sash. If you have high windows and windows over wide cabinets or counters, this is a good option for convenience and easy access.

Sliding Windows

Renewal by Andersen New Jersey Sliding Window
Renewal by Andersen New Jersey Sliding Window

All that natural humidity is terrific for native plant life – and living in New Jersey, you probably have spectacular views from the comfort of your home. Sliding windows – sometimes called gliders – open side to side. This window style takes advantage of a low-profile, space-saving design to give you more viewing area. With dual sliding or gliding windows. you can open either side and cleaning is a snap. Just lift the glass out of the easy-care track to reach both interior and exterior glass surfaces.

When you want less frame and more viewing area, sliders are the top choice in operable windows. This type of window is perfect for areas where you want to avoid blocking access to sidewalks and deck areas when you open your windows for ventilation or cleaning. There are eleven hardware finishes and seven interior color options for your Renewal by Andersen sliding windows so you are certain to find colors to match or contrast your home decor and style.

Picture Windows

Renewal by Andersen New Jersey Replacement Picture Window
Renewal by Andersen New Jersey Replacement Picture Window

Like sliding windows, picture windows give you a clear line of sight to the world outside. Picture windows are fixed – meaning they don’t open and close. Placement isn’t hindered by any indoor or outdoor fixtures or furnishing like sidewalks, patios, heating and air units or indoor furniture.

Whether you are replacing your current picture windows or you want to add a picture window to complement other window styles, these fixed windows increase energy efficiency, reduce noise and let natural light into your home.

Renewal by Andersen Window & Door Visualizer Lets You Try Before You Buy

Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey Visualizer ToolTo get an idea of what these windows will look like in your home, take a tour with the interactive Renewal by Andersen Window and Door Visualizer. You can even upload a picture of your home if you want to get an accurate representation of how various window styles and options measure up to your expectations.

Other Replacement Window Styles

Renewal by Andersen New Jersey Awning Window
Renewal by Andersen New Jersey Awning Window

Casements, picture windows and sliders are just three of the many window types that will work in your New Jersey home. You might benefit from awning style windows for your basement that have a narrow horizontal opening. Letting fresh air circulate during warmer weather keeps the area fresh, and you don’t have to worry about local wildlife or neighborhood animals climbing in while you are upstairs. Or perhaps, you want to replace an oversized picture window with a bow or bay window.

Window Grilles & Window Frames

Renewal by Andersen Replacement Window Grilles
Renewal by Andersen Replacement Window Grilles

All windows in our portfolio include optional grille styles, a variety of color options, exterior screen choices and framing material (like our patented Fibrex composite) manufactured with a keen eye on the environment. We realize replacement windows are an investment. That’s why we offer special discounts and financing options to our customers to make sure you get the best value for every dollar invested.

7 Window Styles & 3 Patio Door Styles

With seven window categories and three patio door styles that include both hinged and sliding doors, Renewal by Andersen of Central New Jersey has many options for you to consider. Our professional design team is ready to guide you through an exploration of each window type to help you create your personal view of the world.

Call Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey When You’re Ready to Get Started

Ready to get started designing replacement windows for your rural New Jersey home? Just enter your information above for more details. Or call 1-888-826-2451 and ask to speak to a replacement window specialist in your area.

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