If this is your first time dropping by the Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro blog, you may be wondering why our brand would be talking about winter blues and ways to combat that condition. As it turns out, replacement windows and modern patio doors may help many of our friends and neighbors fight the winter blues and feel better this winter season and all year-round.

Here’s a bit of the backstory before we explain why and how windows and depression are connected.

The SAD Backstory

We all depend on Sun Power! Harnessing the power of the sun allows us to grow and thrive. Prolonged periods of cloudy, blustery days can turn many of us into teary-eyed individuals who just want to crawl under the covers until spring arrives again. SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder – is characterized by a dip in serotonin levels, which triggers the winter blues. One study showed that almost five percent of local residents suffer from winter-weather related depression because they are deprived of adequate levels of natural sunlight to maintain an elevated mood.

How Window Performance Affects Health and Vitality

Living in a cold winter environment like ours, some people in the area resort to drastic measures like taping light-obscuring plastic to their windows to prevent air and moisture leaks. While this tactic may cut down on winter drafts, blocking natural light flow can have devastating health consequences. And, those plastic curtains are not a viable option for patio doors because they may block a necessary entrance and exit point.

A better solution – one that supports a healthy lifestyle – includes choosing energy efficient options that enhance indoor climate while letting in the natural sunlight we all crave. Replacement windows manufactured with our patented, exclusive Fibrex frame material improve the overall energy efficiency of your home while eliminating air and moisture leaks and allowing maximum natural light flow.

Adding low-profile accent windows above doors and larger windows increases opportunities to usher in some much-needed extra light during those long, cold winter days ahead. And, as a bonus, those upgrades chase away the winter blahs and blues. And you get monthly savings beyond winter through all four seasons we enjoy in the neighborhoods that connect New Jersey to metropolitan New York.

Tips for Making Wise Replacement Window & Patio Door Decisions

SAD doesn’t just affect your mood. People feel sluggish, their energy levels wane, and they tend to crave sugary foods so they may put on extra weight during winter. Also, some people report trouble sleeping and maintaining acceptable productivity levels at work.

Now that you know how serious lack of natural light can be, you probably want to know how to get as much light as possible into your homes.

Here are three tips to help you make wise replacement window design choices.

  1. Choose window styles with narrower frames – think fixed windows and sliders.
  2. Select clear glass options, and limit patterned glass to areas where more privacy is necessary.
  3. Replace heavy drapes with curtains and shades designed to add a layer of privacy without totally blocking the sun.

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