Replacement Windows Are Good for You in New Jersey & New York

Replacement Windows New Jersey New York HealthWhen most people consider replacement windows for their New Jersey and New York Metro homes, they often think about energy efficiency, comfort, saving money on their heating bills, and improving their home’s attractiveness. But, installing new high-performance replacement windows offers more perks than just putting on a pretty face for the neighbors. One of those benefits is helping your family live a healthier lifestyle. Not sure how windows pave the way toward better health?

Here’s a short list of health benefits for you and your family, and a few tips for illuminating your indoor spaces with natural light for better health and vitality.

Give Yourself An Energy Boost

Living a healthy lifestyle includes keeping your spirits up. Noticed you have been feeling blue lately? A bit more irritable than usual or more sluggish and tired. If you aren’t getting enough natural sunlight, you may be suffering from seasonal affective disorder (SAD). **link here**

Covering your windows with plastic or window blankets that block sunlight to keep cold winter air from flowing inside, may be blocking the essential sunlight your body needs to thrive and stay emotionally healthy. We all need natural light to be healthy and that includes both mental and physical health.

Lift Your Spirits with Natural Light

If you want to bring in more natural sunlight, and it’s time to think about updating your home windows, think about how window styles may affect light levels. Sliding windows usually have larger glass surface areas than similar sized casement windows or double-hung windows. More viewing area translates into more natural sunlight streaming inside. Picture windows, which don’t open, provide maximum light and energy-efficiency opportunities. Use these three tips to make sure you bring in ample light your body needs.

  • Choose low-profile trim and frame options.
  • Skip window awnings, shutters or other outside treatments that typically reduce light levels
  • Remove plastic and heavy material you’re using to control noise, light or temperature.

Bathe Your Indoor Spaces with Light

Expanding natural lighting opportunities by installing new, crystal clear replacement windows and low-profile sliding patio doors is a good idea for people who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Adding transoms above existing doors and windows, and removing outdoor treatments that inhibit light flow are great places to start. However, remember to consider your inside window treatments too.

Heavy fabric drapes do an excellent job of blocking air and moisture from seeping in around gaps and holes in old windows, but they also block out the light. You won’t need heavy drapes to keep your indoor temperature comfortable after you install new ENERGY-STAR certified windows. Consider replacing those heavy drapes with curtains you can open during the day to let in more light. If you want a bit of privacy, sheers still allow light to come in without providing a clear view of your inside activities from outside. You may also consider installing patterned glass in areas where you want some natural light, but definitely want to obscure the view – think bedrooms and bathrooms.

Showcase Your Home with Indoor Lighting
Everyone will probably agree that a room just looks more beautiful when illuminated with natural light. Indoor lighting combined with natural light gives homeowners more opportunities to showcase their home’s beauty. If you struggle with keeping your mood elevated during winter or you just wish your home wasn’t so dark and dreary, installing new windows can make a huge difference. Strategically installing under/above window lighting and SAD therapy lighting throughout your home can significantly improve your health. Just brightening up your home should have an almost immediate impact on your mood.

Bringing in more natural light, whether it is by changing your window treatments, adding some new indoor light fixtures or replacing aging windows and patio with high-performance windows that enable you to bring in an abundance of natural sun shine, is important to living a healthy, thriving life. Light is good for you and no one can live a healthy life without light.

Illuminating Your Spaces with Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro Replacement Windows

Good replacement windows are essential for good health in New Jersey and New York. Without ways to bring in sunlight and allow air circulation, we would probably all be sick all the time. Need more information about illuminating your indoor spaces with new windows and patio doors? Fill in the short form on this page or give us a call at 1-888-826-2451 to schedule a free in-home consultation with a replacement window expert.


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