New Jersey & New York Replacement Windows Really Can Perform Perfectly For Decades

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Sometimes a potential New Jersey & New York Metro customer will ask us if replacement windows can really work as promised for as long as they live in their homes. We always tell them that Renewable by Andersen scientists and window designers are confident they will. That is why the company offers a unique 20/2/10 warranty that is fully transferable and guarantees Fibex frames will never rot, corrode, mildew or sag when exposed to harsh weather extremes like wood frame and metal windows do. So confident, in fact, that they talked a homeowner who was perfectly happy with the performance and beauty of their home windows into allowing the company to remove the windows to conduct tests.

Two Decades Later: Renewal by Andersen Replacement Windows Exceed All Expectations

When Renewal by Andersen introduced Fibrex composite frames to the industry in the 1990s, extensive laboratory testing showed the recycled wood and vinyl mix has exceptional insulating properties and low expansion rates so the frames won’t contract and shrink excessively during severe temperature changes. Simulated weathering tests indicated the frames outperform wood and vinyl frames. What they couldn’t know was how replacement windows and patio doors would perform under the harshest real-world weather when installed in an actual home. That’s why the company revisited a homeowner in Minnesota to find out whether the innovative color techniques and the stability results proved out in the lab were the same as the average consumer could expect when they choose to install our windows in their homes.
What we found was truly amazing. Even after more than two decades, Fibrex frames remained structurally sound and beautiful. We conducted tests in the home to make sure none of the windows had developed problems often seen with other frame materials, and then took the windows back to our laboratory for more intensive testing. Now we have scientific proof that confirm what we knew – you really can expect Renewal by Andersen replacement windows to keep performing well year after year.

We do recommend routine cleaning and an occasional inspection of your weather-stripping and movable parts, like operational handles. Anywhere there is daily friction – like opening and closing your double-hung or sliding windows and patio doors.

The Window & Door Performance Equation

While our scientists continue to explore innovative solutions to improve energy-efficiency ratings and performance, the 20-year Durability Study demonstrated that quality materials and modern manufacturing processes virtually eliminate problems legacy home windows develop, such as drafts and moisture leaks caused by window frames that pull away from your home’s siding or other building envelope materials.

Window Installation is Key to Performance & Longevity

However, performance also depends on the installation. A sloppy installation literally destroys performance potential. That is why we always insist on having our professional, fully-trained installation technicians complete this vital job. In order to get the highest level of performance from a Renewal by Andersen replacement window, whether you choose awning windows or specialty windows, like full-circle and triangle shaped window units under the roofline, you must have superior construction materials and skilled craftsmen in the manufacturing plant and trained technicians to install the finished window units.
Home Windows Are More than Just a Pretty Frame

Energy performance is very important, that’s why we offer a range of ENERGY-STAR glass options so homeowners can design the best-fit window for every room based on the amount of sunlight each window gets every day, external factors like tall buildings or trees that could block natural light and other factors. But, we also understand our customers want the flexibility to customize their windows and their view. To give them more options during the design phase, we have a full line of standard hardware and handles, plus our exclusive Estate Hardware line that allows you to add a touch of elegance to complement the other elements in your home.

Meeting New Jersey & New York Metro Homeowners’ Replacement Window Expectations

Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro’s goal is to deliver a product that looks terrific, performs perfectly and doesn’t make you devote a lot of your precious time to maintenance and upkeep. The durability study shows we’re on the right track. Are you thinking of updating your home windows? Please accept our invitation to fill in the short form on this page or give us a call at 1-888-826-2451 to schedule an in-home consultation. We’ll answer all your questions about modern replacement windows and patio doors and help you inspect your existing windows for signs your current windows may be ready to be retired.

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