Most homeowners understand the value of buying an insurance policy for major investments like their car, home and personal property. It is virtually impossible to finance a home in a New Jersey or metropolitan New York neighborhood without an insurance plan that protects lenders should a tornado blow through the area or a hail storm destroy the roof.

As another significant investment, it is essential to make sure your replacement window investment comes with a strong warranty package. Some people may not understand the difference between a replacement window warranty and a homeowners’ insurance policy. Both protect homeowners against loss not due to their negligence, but these two financial vehicles cover different types of loss.

This week’s Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro post discussed the difference between replacement window warranties and private homeowners’ insurance policies.

What Does a Replacement Window Warranty Cover?

Your Renewal by Andersen replacement window warranty covers defects in materials and construction that cause the window to fail prematurely or not work properly. Unlike some other manufacturers, it also covers installation. Your warranty may cover things like sealants cracking which causes the gas fill to escape, joints coming apart, the window frame separating from the glass panel, or the glass developing significant discoloration.

A superior warranty typically covers glass parts for at least 20 years, non-glass parts, including hardware and insect screens for two to 10 years, and installation up to two full years. When comparing replacement window warranties, ask whether parts and labor are covered under the installation section, because some companies only cover the parts.

Even a superior, best-in-class replacement window warranty does not cover damage due to abuse or weather events.

What Does Homeowners Insurance Cover?

Mother Nature can throw some pretty harsh weather at us. Freezing rain and sleet, high winds sending limbs and other projectiles hurling toward our homes, hail relentlessly pounding exterior surfaces. Any of these weather events could crack or shatter a home window.

Understanding what your insurance policy covers will help you avoid “sticker shock” and get your home repaired faster after a storm or other event causes damage to your windows.

Insurance policies typically cover “perils.” Perils are things like storms, vandalism, fire and floods. Homeowners policies usually do not cover anything that could be considered negligence, such as hitting your window pane with a hammer to see if it will break, or trying to attach a flower box to the window glass using a nail gun.

In some instances, if you are trimming tree limbs and a branch crashes into the window, the policy might not cover this because you could have avoided it with more diligence and care.

It is important to remember that a high deductible often means lower payments, but that usually means minor damage isn’t covered. As an example, if you have a $1,500 deductible per event and hail damages one window for a total loss, your replacement window price may be less than the deductible. If the damage involves several windows and the bill is $4,000, your insurance may pay up to $2,500.

Are These Policies Transferable?

Homeowners insurance policies are generally not transferable because agencies consider credit scores and other personal factors when establishing prices and terms. On the other hand, reputable replacement window dealers should offer a transferable warranty that “stays with the property.” Be sure to ask before you purchase your new windows.

Learn More about the Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro Replacement Window Warranty

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