Wet Winter = Buggy Summer: Keep Nasty Insects Where They Belong with the Right Replacement Window Insect Screens

TruScreenMemorial Day is finally here – and gone. No more worries that another cold front will cover the New Jersey landscape with yet another blanket of snow and ice up our windows. Now our thoughts turn to weekend trips to bask in the sun on sandy beaches and warm waves lapping against bare feet meandering along the Jersey shoreline.

Unfortunately, the harsh winter weather of 2014 may have more one cruel trick to play on New Jersey homeowners. The unusually wet winter, coupled with New Jersey’s high humidity during the coming summer months, means we’re likely to see an abundance of flying, stinging, and biting flies and other insects. If you plan to open your windows, choosing the right window screens is imperative.

Whether you are just beginning your decision-making journey comparing various replacement windows for your home or you want to add or replace your window screens that allow you to open up your windows and let the fresh breezes in without welcoming in uninvited critters and bugs, here are a few tips to help you compare insect screens.

Keep the Tiniest Insects Out, Without Destroying Your View

The “best” insect screen for your home is one that prevents insects – even the tiny ones you don’t know are there until they bite you – from entering your home without blocking your view. Exceptional screens allow ample airflow for ventilation and adequate natural sunlight to enter your home, too. Here are three qualities of superior insect screens:

  • Finer (tightly woven) screen fabric protects against insects better than conventional screens.
  • Ensure your views remain crisp, clear and unobstructed.
  • Virtually invisible from the curb – which improves your home’s appearance and attractiveness.

Looks Aren’t Everything

Renewal by Andersen replacement window screens are tightly woven to keep out the tiniest biting insects with just the right tension and spacing to deliver a clear, unobstructed view to the world beyond your windows. We’re proud of the view our customers enjoy, but looks aren’t the only consideration for New Jersey homeowners.

Caring for Your Insect Screens

Cleaning and maintaining your windows screens should be as easy and efficient as caring for your new windows. Our screens are a snap to remove and replace after cleaning. And neither our standard screens nor our TruScene® insect screens require any special cleaning products or tools not normally found around most homes.

Cleaning your window screens ensures you continue to have a picture-perfect view long after you install them. Your screens may be installed inside your home or on the outside, depending on whether you have windows that raise and lower or open outward.

Basic Window Insect Screen Cleaning Tips

The basic cleaning steps below are the same for all Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey standard window screens – included at no additional charge with all operable windows as part of your window package.

  • First, unlock the wing-blade fasteners on both sides of the screen.
  • Lift the screen away from the glass toward you, holding the screen on the frame to avoid puncturing the fabric.
  • Next, spray your screen with a water hose or gently “scrub” heavily soiled screens with a soft cloth or soft-bristled fiber brush. If necessary, use a mild cleanser.
  • Rinse cleansers and loose debris away with clean water.
  • Wipe the frame with a clean, dry non-linting cloth to remove water and fingerprints.
  • After cleaning your screen, replace the screens and lock the wing-blade fastener to secure the screen in place.

All Window Insect Screens Are Not the Same

While you are comparing vRenewal by Andersen's TruScreen Replacement Window Insect Screenarious window screens, you will most likely notice that insect screens come in a variety of colors, materials and weave styles. Renewal by Andersen standard replacement window screens and our trademark TruScene® insect screens are both guaranteed to keep the bugs outside where they belong for 10 years from the original installation date.

With advanced technology and innovative designs, you’ll get up to 50% more clarity and enjoy excellent airflow with TruScene® insect screens than traditional screen options on the market.

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