Replacement Window Glass Technology for New Jersey & New York

Replacement Window Glass Types New Jersey New YorkRenewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro replacement windows and patio doors, and our parent company, the Andersen Corporation, are committed to providing our customers with home improvement products that meet or exceed gold standards for energy-efficiency and longevity. While we understand that our customers expect, and deserve, beautiful windows and patio doors that add value and comfort to their spaces, we also strive to make sure every window delivers superior performance and energy-saving features, that’s why every window we sell is built with ENERGY-STAR labeled glass and Fibrex framing material over other options.

Today, we wanted to tell you about the technology behind our window designs.

Understanding Low-E Glass Options

Clear float glass, like you would see in older, single-pane windows and some other applications today, doesn’t vary much between manufacturers. Generally speaking, clear glass is clear glass no matter where you buy it. But, Low-E glass, which has factory applied features to make window panes energy-efficient, is manufactured in different ways. Each manufacturing process delivers different performance benefits.

Sputter-coated glass, sometimes referred to as soft-coated glass, is manufactured with a metallic coating applied, but not fused, to the surface of the glass base to reduce the solar heat gain coefficient, improving energy-efficiency. Since applications are placed on the glass, and not fused into the glass, special manufacturing processes and handling care must be used to prevent scratching and damage prior to installation.

Hard-coated glass, or pyrolytic glass, differs from sputter-coated glazing in that the application is fused into the surface during the manufacturing process of the base glass. Fusion means surface areas don’t require the same amount of extra care during construction and shipping processes. Like sputter-coated glass, pyrolytic glass improves heat transfer management.

Both options are cost-effective solutions that offer customers superior performance and allow them to design windows to fit their home environment and improve comfort, while saving money on heating and cooling bills.

Today, most of the Renewal by Andersen portfolio of replacement windows and patio doors are custom-built with sputter-coated glass options. We are introducing a new hard-coated glass called “Heatlock” for our customers that has new technology applied to interior surfaces to improve performance and energy-efficiency by reflecting heat that could potentially escape back into the room.

Breaking Down Coating Performance and Energy-Savings
Coatings and chemical applications offer more benefits than just reducing solar heat gain coefficients. Special technology allows homeowners to choose glass that is more efficient during cold or hot weather, controls light levels, reduces UV ray transfer and has exceptional thermal performance in areas like ours where customers are concerned about controlling both heating and air conditioning expenses.

Replacement Window Glass Options:

Low-E4 Glass works equally well during hot, muggy summers and cold New Jersey and New York Metro winters.

Low-E4 SmartSun protects your interior fabrics from harmful UV rays without blocking sunlight or making your rooms appear dark and dreary.

Low-E4 Sun glazing helps you control light levels in rooms where you want to reduce the amount of light that comes in without reducing clarity or obscuring your view of the world beyond your glass.

Patterned Glass is available in any of the Low E4 glass options listed about for areas where you want to obscure the view or add a layer of privacy. Choose from four patterns: Fern, Cascade, Reed and Obscure.

Why Window Glass Technology and Manufacturing Processes Matter

Window glass technology allows us to offer our customers a broad variety of glass types for convenience and safety. Glazing options give homeowners ample opportunity to create interior spaces with just the right amount of natural sunlight without worrying that harmful UV rays and intense sunshine will damage their artwork or furniture. Low-E4 glass gives you greater control over your budget and your interior climate control. We are always looking for new ways to give our customers more options, better performance and superior customer service.

Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro Replacement Window Technology Gives Your More Options

We invite you to call today to discuss how our high-performance, low-maintenance replacement windows use advanced technology to give you more options and higher savings potential. Just fill in the short form on this page or give us a call at 1-888-826-2451 to arrange a private home consultation to see which glazing options are best for your home.


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