Zen and the Art of Replacement Window Design Bring Calm to Your New Jersey and New York Indoor Spaces

Replacement Windows New Jersey New York CalmRenewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro replacement windows and patio doors wants to help you bring a bit of calm and tranquility into your indoor spaces.

Everyone is in a hurry these days. Twenty-four hour connectivity means we’re always available. Bosses, family and friends all seem to feel comfortable texting whenever a thought crosses their mind and those little buzzes and bells disrupt our relaxation time. So, with so much stress out there in the real world, maybe you’ve been thinking about bringing a little tranquility into your home, creating a relaxing, restorative atmosphere – a place you can silence the little buzzes and bells.

Replacement window choices can help you create restful, calm spaces if you apply a few simple principles, similar to Japanese Zen principles. Zen principles in interior and exterior design attempt to add balance and harmony that encourages a sense of peace. While there are not a set of hard and fast rules, proper design is often associated with simplicity and minimalism. Zen is a way of arranging your home that makes daily life less stressful. Here are our tips for applying Zen principles to replacement windows.

Tip Number 1: Choose Earthy Colors

Think soft tones – whites, beige, pinkish-beige, grey – to induce calmness. Visual continuity is important. Carry your color schemes across window trim, frame, walls, and furniture, if possible. You can choose a dominant color for a monochrome room. Add diversity by combining matching colors or varying hues. Exterior window colors should blend in with your architectural features rather than contrast.

Tip Number 2: Dress Your Replacement Windows Wisely

Whether you choose simple sliding windows or a double-hung style, dress them with fabrics that are light and “natural”. Think organic cotton, linen, and other natural textiles. Curtains can control light add a sense of intimacy. Remember to match colors throughout the room for the more relaxing atmosphere.
If you want a more elaborate ambiance, add simple blinds to control light levels. Keep in mind, your rods and hooks for drapery and curtains should carry out the simple, clean designs.

Tip Number 3: Capture Ample Natural Light

Every room is more beautiful bathed in natural sunlight. Soft, natural lighting is optimal for generating calming vibes. Some people will prefer to control the level of natural sunlight that streams in through the windows. Replace harsh, artificial lighting with diffused lights and utilize floor and table lamps rather than ceiling mounted fixtures. Our SmartSun and SunGlass options allow you to control heat and light transfer in your home, so ask your Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro consultant for more details.

Tip Number 4: Bring Nature Indoors

Zen principles incorporate many natural elements. Replacing a large fixed window with a sliding door allows you to connect interior and exterior spaces, essentially bringing the outdoors in and letting the interior flow seamlessly outdoors. Furnish each room with a few live plants, potted in color-coordinated urns, naturally. Avoid flowering plants or fresh cut flowers. Instead consider hanging terrariums or small Bonsai trees.

Tip Number 5: Keep All Things Simple

Keep everything simple. You can skip the intricate design features and custom grille patterns and instead opt for clean, simple lines, low profile frames and earthy colors. Aim for a “no-clutter” replacement window design. Carry this theme throughout your home to create uncomplicated spaces that don’t require a lot of fuss and muss to keep orderly and clean. Renewal by Andersen replacement windows are easy to clean and require very little maintenance so they fit nicely with overall Zen principle of keeping life simple.

Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro Replacement Windows for Calming Spaces

While we don’t market our home improvement products as relaxation tools, we can help you create beautiful, relaxing interior spaces. We offer a wide selection of replacement window styles, a large palette of colors and paintable interior features that allow you to color coordinate windows with furnishings and wall colors.

Give us a quick call at 1-8888-26-2451 to schedule a time for us to sit down and discuss your decorating goals and replacement window choices. If you don’t have time to call now, simply fill in the short form on this page and we’ll get more information to you as quickly as we can.

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