Why Replacement Window Demand Continues to Grow in NJ & NY

replacement window demand New Jersey New York

The American Architectural Manufacturers Association’s 2017/2018 Study of the U.S. Market for Windows, Doors and Skylights shows this home improvement market is growing, and demand for high-quality fenestration continues to rise as consumers discover new benefits beyond just getting a clearer view of their world beyond the glass. This Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro blog post highlights three reasons homeowners in the area are upgrading their homes with high-performance replacement windows.

#1. Better Indoor Quality Continues to Drive Decisions to Upgrade with Replacement Windows

Improved health is one factor driving homeowners’ decisions to replace their windows. Healthier indoor air quality often means fewer allergy and asthma problems. The doctors at Johns Hopkins tell asthma suffers that one of the four main components of managing flare-ups is “the use of environmental control measures to avoid or eliminate factors that induce or trigger asthma.”

In an effort to reduce their symptoms, asthma and allergy suffers generally keep their windows and doors closed, and the air conditioner running, most of the time. However, experts recommend that you “air out” your home once in a while to reduce “stale air” and keep indoor air healthier. To effectively reduce allergy-inducing mites, pollen, dust and other airborne particulates from invading your indoor spaces without becoming a prisoner in your own home, make sure your windows:

  • Seal tightly when closed
  • Don’t have any gaps around the frame or glass
  • Have insect screens with ultra-fine fabric that allows air and light to pass through, while blocking irritants, and . . .
  • Are well maintained to prevent mold, rot and mildew development

Superior, ENERGY STAR certified replacement windows built with Fibrex composite window frames paired with TruScene insect screens provide a perfect solution for allergy and asthma suffers.

#2. New Jersey & New York Metro Homeowners Know Improved Energy-Efficiency Means Lower Heating and Air Conditioning Bills

Whether you want an airtight seal to protect against respiratory triggers, or you simply want to keep your HVAC system from struggling to keep your home cool during our hot, muggy summers, you need windows that don’t leak air and moisture.

Energy-efficiency experts tell us that inefficient home windows lead to higher heating and cooling bills, even if you have sufficient insulation and an HVAC system that works perfectly. Modern, replacement window features allow homeowners to custom-build each window unit based on lot orientation, room use and style preference. You really can have the performance you need and a look and feel that complements your lifestyle and decorating preferences. And, you’ll see those perfectly designed home windows start saving you money immediately in the form of lower heating and air conditioning bills.

#3. Increased Property Values Provides a Safety Net For People Who Plan to Sell

Looking for a way to boost home value? The National Association of Realtors® Home Buyer & Seller Generational Trends Report (2018) provides some insights into why replacement windows and patio doors may be the best solution for you.

According to the study, heating and cooling came in as the most important “environmental feature” for recent home buyers participating in the study. Data collectors discovered that 34% of polled buyers, across all age groups, considered high heating and cooling costs a deal breaker. Furthermore, 35 percent of mature buyers, people between 63 and 71 years of age, admitted windows, doors and siding also played a very important role when comparing properties.

Are Renewal by Andersen Replacement Windows & Patio Doors Right for Your New Jersey or New York Metro Home?

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