Replacement Window Care & Maintenance Tips for New Jersey & New York Metro Homeowners

New Jersey Replacement Window Care TipsOne of the many benefits New Jersey and New York homeowners claim when they choose to install Renewal by Andersen replacement windows and patio doors is the low maintenance quality built into Fibrex frames. But, what exactly does that mean?

For one thing, our composite material is designed to stay as beautiful as the day it was installed for as long as you live in your home – without the annual scrape, putty and repaint chores of other window frame materials. Our custom frames are guaranteed not to peel, flake, crack, fade or rot. However, in the same way that a self-cleaning oven requires you to engage the lock and set the timer, our windows perform better year after year with a little regular cleaning, inspection and some common sense.

These tips will help your windows retain their low-maintenance characteristics.

  1. Do clean your windows regularly. Your custom-built window glazing has a special factory applied coating that repels up to 99% of water spots, making exterior surfaces easier to clean. We haven’t discovered a coating that will remove fingerprints, smudges and dust yet, but we’ll keep trying. When you clean your windows, make sure to examine the weather-stripping, factory-applied sealants and sliding window channels. Loose debris and dirt should be removed to prevent damage and keep your sliding windows operating smoothly. Use a soft, damp cloth with a mild soap and water solution. Then, remove water with a squeegee or dry cloth. Avoid harsh abrasives and strong chemical which could damage finishes.
  2. Don’t modify your windows with nails or screws. If incorrectly installed, both screws and nails may damage weather-stripping and interfere with the operation of your sash. Drilling into glazing and frames may void your warranty and reduce energy-efficiency performance, too. Before you modify your Renewal by Andersen home improvement products, consult your warranty or call us to discuss your plans.
  3. Avoid using adhesives and solvents around your windows. Some solvents cause irreparable damage to your Fibrex frames and may damage window coatings. Applying adhesives, for instance to attach security sensors, can damage your windows and void certain parts of your warranty.
  4. Do remove grilles when updating the finish. Interior wood grilles give you the freedom to change your color scheme as often as you would like, but never paint or stain the grilles while they are attached to the glass. Make sure your strips are completely dry before replacing them in the clips.
  5. Remember that when you paint or stain interior wood components, you are creating a maintainable surface. That means that, like any other painted surface, you will need to periodically resurface these parts to keep them looking beautiful and to prevent damage from moisture, temperature variances and daily use. If you notice exposed wood, scratches, peeling or mold, refinish your wood surfaces as soon as possible. Make it a point to check your maintainable surfaces at least once a year for signs of damage.
  6. Never use sharp instruments on your windows. Steel wool and razor blade window cleaning tools should not be used on your replacement windows. For tough grime, use a non-toxic commercial window cleaner.
  7. Don’t apply window tinting products. Our ENERY STAR certified glass options provide protection against harmful UV rays that can damage your upholstery and control visible light that comes into your home. If you need to further reduce light levels, consider installing room darkening shades or drapes.
  8. This last tip includes a safety tip for homeowners with small children. Keep operational hardware – levers and handles – installed on your windows. If you need to get out a window in an emergency, you won’t have time to go looking for that missing handle. Sometimes, parents remove the operational hardware to prevent young children from opening windows. Removing hardware prevents “unauthorized” window operation, but also creates a safety hazard. In an emergency you wouldn’t be able to use the window to quickly exit the home.
  9. To keep your hardware beautiful, avoid using chemicals and polishes not recommended by your Renewal by Andersen window product documents. Some cleansers cause pitting and discoloration. A soft cloth is normally all that is needed to protect your finish.

Learn More About Low-Maintenance Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro Replacement Windows

Your new Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro replacement window products are very durable and factory-finishes remain attractive and beautiful even with daily use. Although you won’t have to invest time, effort and money to resurface your Fibrex frames every year, routine cleaning and regular inspections will keep your windows performing as designed for many, many years.
If you need more information about taking care of your home improvement upgrades, or you’d like to schedule a no-obligation home consultation to discuss installing replacement windows in your New York or New Jersey home, just give us a call at 1-888-826-2451 or fill in the short form on this page to request an in-home consultation.


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