Replacement Window Buyers Guide: The Three B’s, Basements, Bedrooms, Baths

Today, let’s talk about replacement window choices for three common rooms in your New Jersey home. We’ll focus on function, aesthetics and safety.

Bedrooms and Beyond

IMGP3356-XLWe spend roughly a third of our lives sleeping. But, many other activities find us in the bedroom today – studying, working, surfing the web – even watching TV. If we’re going to spend so much time there, it makes sense to choose windows that make our bedrooms more comfortable, more enjoyable and more functional.

Let’s explore one window type commonly found in bedrooms – the clerestory window. Clerestory windows are installed above eye level. Operable windows placed high on the wall need easy-open-easy-close features. Crank type windows and sliders are more functional than double-hung replacement windows with sash that rise up and down. Low-profile designs with larger glass surfaces allow increased illumination from natural sunlight.

Natural light is instrumental to good health and comfort. If you have other operable windows in your bedroom, you may benefit more from installing fixed, non-adorned clerestory windows and customizing other bedroom windows with decorative features like grilles and custom paint choices.

Basics in the Bath

IMGP5926-XLWe live in a humid climate, particularly in the hot and hazy summer, and additional moisture from bathing and showering creates an environment for mold and mildew growth if not appropriately vented. Fresh air and sunlight inhibit bacterial spread and make house-cleaning chores easier. There’s no sense spending any more time cleaning than necessary; bring in the light and air and get rid of mold and mildew. Speaking of spending less time cleaning, did you know that Renewal by Andersen glass manufacturing processes can reduce water spotting on exterior glass surfaces? Beautiful and time-saving; what more could you ask for?

Selecting replacement windows for your New Jersey home’s bathroom is definitely a personal experience. Depending on your square footage and the floor plan, you might want to create a stunning focal point with a bold decorating statement or simply want to replace the drafty, old window above the sink.

NEw Jersey Replacement Window GlassIf space allows, installing a tall, slightly arched fixed window above a dual light casement design dressed in a sheer white fabric defines a simple, but dramatic elegance focal point. When comparing various window styles, think about your view from the inside looking out, the outside looking in, and the visual appearance of your window. But what if your view of the outside world is less than smile-worthy? Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey offers four beautiful glass patterns that block that eyesore next door.

Basement Replacement Window Basics

Updating the basement windows isn’t always as simple as swapping out sagging, dilapidated windows with high-performance, precision built replacement windows. Your safety and security – and even New Jersey building codes – play important roles in determining which windows to install in your home. Your basement presents some unique challenges and opportunities.

The humble basement is one of the most functional spaces in your home. This versatile area can house extra sleeping quarters, craft rooms, and important utility appliances like water heaters, electric meters and furnaces.

First, let’s tackle the legal issues. New Jersey code requires that every room where people sleep – even temporarily – meets egress requirements. Egress simply means a path of exit, so at least one operable window capable of enabling an average sized adult to exit through it is required in all sleeping quarters. If you have separate designated sleeping areas – i.e. walls and doors – design your space with adequate operable egress windows for safety and New Jersey code.

Speaking of safety, even if you don’t have sleeping quarters in the basement, operable windows are necessary if your lowest floor is home to a laundry center, heating and cooling appliances or a circuit breaker box. Since electrical fires often originate in these areas, access for fire fighters is crucial to extinguish flames quickly.

When seconds matter, you want a window that not only opens, but that opens with minimal effort for quick access. Sliders are an excellent choice here. Even though crank type windows – such as awning windows – are a good choice for basements, a slider opens easily with one motion and the sashes are usually easily removed for quick egress.

Another consideration is glass type. Many basements have half windows that sit close to the ground. Remember that classic from the 1960’s Let the Sunshine In? Perhaps more than any other room in your home, your basement needs plenty of bright sunshine streaming in to chase away the dark image that mentioning underground rooms often conjures up.

Rather than opting for tinted glass or patterned glass panels, homeowners often prefer the clearest, most unobstructed view possible. There is another thing to think about when considering glass types for those ground-level window lights. Your outdoor surroundings. If your landscaping requires frequent mowing and weed-eating, low-lying windows could be damaged by flying rocks or other projectiles. Fortunately, Renewal by Andersen manufactures tempered glass options that are up to four times the strength of standard glass panes. They’re not bullet or projectile proof, but they’re pretty strong.

Need More Information About New Jersey Replacement Windows?

Your replacement window style choices will make a big difference in how your family uses the indoor spaces of your New Jersey home. You don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics for safety and ventilation – our window consultants can help you design replacement windows that allow the fresh air and natural sunlight into your home – while being smart about safety and comfort. The experts at Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey are always happy to help you compare and select the best window styles and decorative options for you. Just fill in the form on this page or give us a call at 1-888-826-2451 for more information.

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