People who come to Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro often ask, “Should I buy replacement windows for an old house?” This post will cover some reasons why installing modern, energy efficient replacement windows in an older house is a wise financial investment, and explain when repairing windows in might be a better solution.

3 Reasons Updating an Older Home with New, High Performance Windows Is a Good Idea

#1. Protecting Your Assets

Custom built replacement windows are designed to help homeowners enhance the beauty and functionality of their home, which increases your enjoyment of your home and can increase its resale value. Replacing windows that leak air and moisture protects the structural integrity of the home, preventing it from further decal from the leaks. Gaps around the frame allow rainwater to penetrate the building envelope, creating the perfect environment for mold development. While mold doesn’t damage wood, fungi colonies enhance wood’s absorption ability and then rot may develop due to excess water retention. Sometimes, the mold and rot is hidden from view and people don’t even know there is a problem until the family starts having more allergy attacks, headaches or other mold-related problems and notices structural problems.

Replacement windows with Fibrex frames are guaranteed not to sag, gap or develop rot and mildew, protecting your investment for decades to come.

#2. Enhancing Comfort

Older homes in good shape can have good bones, a solid foundation, a stable roof system and a good sewer system. One thing that older homes may not have is insulating double-pane windows with features that boost the overall insulation in the building envelope. Modern replacement windows have two panes, and inert gas between the panes to control the amount of heat that passes through a window. This construction allows homeowners to control their indoor comfort level more efficiently, while reducing the cost of heating and cooling their homes.

#3. Controlling Pest Infestation

Pests and rodents often find their way into homes by coming in through gaps and cracks in window units. Like mold, pest and rodent infestations may negatively affect health. Insects and mice eat wood, and squirrels have been known to chew electric wires, creating fire hazards. Dilapidated windows create an easy entrance for small animals to seek refuge from weather elements, and a safe place for them to build nests.

Installing replacement windows tightly seals these openings against these freeloaders, protecting your property investment and your family.

Repairing Home Windows vs Buying Replacement Windows

For most people, having one window with a major problem, such as a rotted or sagging frame, it doesn’t always make sense to completely replace every window in a home. However, if one window is showing signs it has outlived its usefulness, others are likely to soon develop similar problems.

Some people may not realize that replacing a cracked or broken window pane in a double-pane window won’t restore the original insulating properties because the gas between the panes will escape even with a tiny breach. This greatly devalues the window’s insulating properties.

Replacement windows are a good value when:

  • Existing windows make it hard to control indoor temperatures
  • Aging windows look tired and worn out, and a modern replacement window would add aesthetic value (and increase resale potential)
  • You cannot get rid of an insect or critter infestation because existing window frames are beyond a simple putty and patch job

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