Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey Replacement Windows for the Discerning

“The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything.”

– Warren Buffett

sports-carThere’s a reason most people don’t buy a new car sight unseen. A true car enthusiast wants to feel the power surging beneath the floorboard as he navigates the open road – driving is the adventure, not the destination. Buyers looking for a family car want to get a first-hand look at the cargo space and safety features. Long-distance commuters rely on a test drive to compare leg room, entertainment and technology packages and upholstery options.

Discernment is the ability to separate fact from fiction. Discerning shoppers know they won’t be happy with anything less than a perfect fit, whether it’s in a car, a new suit or replacement windows.

Discerning shoppers – those who know what they want and are willing to wait for it – are some of the best people with which to work. Well-informed consumers make wiser financial investments and are happier with their purchases than people who simply look for the cheapest version of a product that minimally meets their needs.

Educated-consumersA recent Accenture news release revealed some interested tidbits about  shoppers. Almost 70% of digital shoppers said it’s important to be able to “get what they want, when they want it” and 63% said they want to customize products or services to exactly fit their expectations. Here at Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey, we like that attitude. Our goal is to help each replacement window client design their windows tailored to his or her lifestyle, design goals and price point.

So, for all you discerning shoppers out there, here’s how we help you make wise choices. We hope this is one time you’ll say “yes” and allow us to help you design replacement windows for your New Jersey home.

Just Give Me the Facts

Replacement Windows Tax CreditWe believe our replacement windows are among the best on the market, but don’t take our word for it. Our Energy Star Awards and energy efficiency ratings, which are based on rigorous national standards, speak for themselves. Any time a window consultant quotes a statistic or fact about our products, you can be certain an independent research firm or relevant industry organization concurs. We’re always willing to point you to the source for additional research.

Show Me Customization

ColorChipsCompositeWith dozens of color combinations, a full portfolio of hardware options and accessories and seven primary window styles, customizing your window packages is incredibly easy and exciting. Choose from an awning, casement, bays and bows, picture, and sliding styles. We also offer more than a dozen specialty windows that include our own Circle TopTM and SpringlineTM designs and the following shapes:Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey Specialty Window Styles

  • Chord
  • Triangle
  • Peak Pentagon
  • Octagon
  • Right Triangle
  • Trapezoid
  • Equal Leg and Unequal Leg Arch
  • Among others

With so many options, creating a distinctive aesthetic is limited only by your imagination and your decorating goals. But wait, there’s more….

Add Value and Comfort

Controlling your home environment is probably a key criterion in your replacement window selection. With high-performance replacement windows, you get to take control of energy consumption and light levels inside your home. Save money on utility bills – up to 25%, depending other factors such as your HVAC unit and behavior patterns.

NEw Jersey Replacement Window GlassGlass choices let you choose whether you want to allow all the sunshine possible to flood into your home or you’d prefer a coated glass that reduces visible sunlight, provides more UV protection and reduces Solar Heat Gain.

Renewal by Andersen's TruScreen Replacement Window Insect ScreenOur TruScene insect screens allow you to enjoy fresh air without worrying about the pesky critters sneaking into your interior spaces. Since our screens come in colors and finishes that blend with our replacement windows, you’ll have a virtually invisible screen with 50% more clarity than standard screens afford.

Between Glass Window GrilleWindow Grille options add even more versatility to your window design choices. Select from removable, applied and between the glass options in colors or ready to be finished wood.

New Jersey Replacement Window LockHardware choices multiply the customization options exponentially. Choose from different colors, finishes and hardware styles to get just the right window for you.

Low-maintenance frames mean no more scraping, painting and resurfacing every year to keep your windows attractive.

With easy-clean features that reduce water spots up to 99% on outside glass surfaces and enable cleaning both interior and exterior surfaces from inside your home, our replacement windows save you time and energy.

Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey Invites Discerning Shoppers to Explore our Replacement Window Options

We understand that finding the highest quality home improvement products is important to you. It would be our pleasure to help you explore the myriad decorative and functional replacement window options available. Give us a call at 1-888-826-2451 or fill in the box above for more information. We know you expect exceptional products and services – fortunately, that’s all we have to offer.

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