Redesigning the Curb Appeal with Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey Replacement Windows

Improve Curb Appeal with New Jersey Replacement WindowsAt Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey we truly enjoy helping our New Jersey and New York Metropolitan area homeowners explore options for replacement windows and patio doors.

Whether you’re feeling a bit embarrassed by your home’s tired, outdated aesthetic or you’re planning a total makeover to change the look and improve energy-efficiency throughout your home, our replacement windows will help you make a fabulous first impression.

If you’re getting ready for a major curb appeal upgrade renovation project, we’d welcome the opportunity to help you transform your home to the envy of your neighbors.

It’s Okay to Break a Few Rules in New York & New Jersey

Unless you’re restoring a historic home or you live in a covenanted community with strict exterior mandates, you don’t have to replace your existing windows with the same style or shape, but if you do, we’ve got all the styles and options to meet the needs of the most scrupulous historic preservation committee.

If you have some flexibility, you can replace large second-story double-hung windows with French doors to a balcony or deck. If you mimic mullion spacing on other windows, you’ll create a stunning look and exceptional ventilation opportunities for spring and summer months (as well as a great place to enjoy your morning coffee in the milder months).

A side-by-side casement window configuration will give you similar ventilation in areas where windows are smaller or placed higher on the wall.

Mixing and Matching Window Shapes and Profiles

It’s perfectly acceptable to mix and match shapes and styles, but some combinations aren’t as functional or as appealing as others.

Sometimes subtlety is more impressive than going bold. Your decorating goals define your choices. Depending on your preferences, you might choose a low profile frame and contrast color or a wider frame and a color choice that closely matches your exterior to draw attention to certain windows.

To get a better idea of how different frame widths and colors impact curb appeal, visit our Inspiration Gallery or the replacement window and patio door Design Visualizer that lets you upload photos of your home to compare various styles and options.

Do you currently have a specialty window, say a circular or a triangle-shaped window, you want to keep in the final design? Talk to a Renewal by Andersen window consultant about grille options and alternative configurations that add extra visual interest without creating design confusion.

Breaking the rules is a great way to create interesting curb appeal, but if you aren’t careful it’ll look like you bought an eclectic mix of windows without putting any thought into the final outcome.

Replacing a Door Might Mean Adding a Window

If your suburban New Jersey or New York home renovation includes reworking your entrance, you can replace current patio doors with a fixed window framed by sidelights and a transom. Without grilles, you’ll gain an unobstructed view of the world outdoors. And, fixed windows are the most energy efficient window design in our portfolio.

Concerned about managing ventilation? Install an awning window above your picture window or flank a center window with operable side windows. The configuration you choose really depends on your ventilation, viewing and design goals.

Considering Interior Spaces During a Curb Appeal Renovation

Keep in mind that window designs must also consider the rooms behind them. Whether you’re ready for a new look that is boxy and bold or quaint and charming, you’ll want to think about how you’ll use the interior spaces.

In the same way that adding a balcony under a second-story French door increases safety, considering interior fixtures can improve the functionality of your replacement windows.

While you can configure Renewal by Andersen casement windows to open inward, there are interior structural and decorative characteristics that impact design decisions. For example, installing an inward opening window above a kitchen sink will be challenging if you have gooseneck faucets that extend higher than your sill. We’ll help you make sure that your window choices reflect your personality without compromising safety and function.

Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey: Helping You Create Beautiful Spaces with Replacement Windows & Patio Doors

We take pride in helping our friends and neighbors upgrade their homes with energy-efficient replacement windows and doors that are as beautiful as they are functional. Our team of expert craftsmen in the Andersen factory custom builds every window to precise specifications to ensure you’re satisfied with the look and performance of every window.

Ready to get started on your curb appeal transformation? It’s easy to schedule an appointment to discuss our full line of home improvement products and accessories. Just fill in the short form on this page or give us a call at 1-877-826-2451.


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