One of the hardest parts about buying new windows is deciding which type of window to install. You’ll find that there are a surprising number of window styles available on the market, and they all function differently. Some are easier to open and close than others. Some offer superior ventilation or better views. And they all look different, so choosing the type of window that’s right for you is important. This article is a brief tutorial on three of the most popular residential window styles. Which one do you like best?

#1. Casement Windows

Casement windows have a single sash that’s opened and closed by way of a crank. The crank feature helps casement windows seal tightly, enabling them to offer superior energy efficiency compared to window types that open and close along a track.

Casements are known for providing remarkable ventilation, because the entire window can be opened at once. These windows require less physical strength to open and shut compared to single and double hung styles, so they’re the preferred window type for over counters, behind couches and anywhere it’s difficult to reach.

#2. Single and Double Hung Windows

Single hung windows have one moveable lower sash and one stationary upper sash. Double hung windows have moveable upper and lower sashes.

Single hung windows are popular because they’re attractive and often cheaper than double hung window types.

Double hung windows are popular because they offer superior ventilation when you lower the top sash and raise the lower sash, letting cooler air in at the bottom and letting hotter air out at the top. They’re also easy to clean from the inside compared to single hung styles, because both sashes can fold inward for cleaning purposes.

#3. Bay & Bow Windows

Bay and bow windows are easily mixed up, because they look similar. Both windows project outward from the house wall, however, the subtle differences between the two types are important.

Bay windows have three panes, including one large central picture window flanked by two vented or fixed windows. They have a deep ledge that is sometimes made into a window seat.

Bow windows typically have at least four panes, either vented or fixed windows. They generally do not project outward as far as bay windows, and sometimes have a curved appearance. Their ledge is not as deep as bow windows.

So, Which Replacement Windows Are Best for You?

There are so many types of windows, sometimes it’s hard to pick. When you buy windows from Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro we can help you sort which window types are best for your unique situation. Contact us through our website, fill out the short form on this page or call us at 1-888-826-2451 to set up an appointment for free consultation.


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