How to Plan Historic or Commercial Restoration Projects With New York & New Jersey Replacement Windows

Historic New York New Jersey Replacement Window ConsiderationsNew York and New Jersey Home remodeling projects that include replacement windows are generally motivated by energy concerns and changes in owner needs. When our Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro design consultants work with customers on a historic building or commercial renovation, there are often other considerations as well.

Modernizing every building with energy-efficient windows is a priority for both groups. However, aesthetic goals may vary widely depending on whether your property is zoned for commercial use, mixed property use or as an existing building with significant historical value.

Historic Property: Determining Significance of the Windows

  • Identify historic value of existing window styles and shapes.
  • Discover applicable standards for replacement window features and characteristics.
  • Develop a replacement window rehabilitation plan.
  • Evaluate options and benefits of framing materials, ENERGY STAR certified glazing options and accessories.

The first question we often ask new clients is whether their property is recognized as a historic building through the U.S. Department of the Interior or the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Historic Preservation Office or the New York’s State Historic Preservation Office. Knowing whether your property has already received designation or you plan to apply, will help us provide information you need to make informed decisions, and improves both the planning and outcome of your project. When modernizing a designated property, it’s best not to radically change the window appearance. Sometimes even changing the number of windows and glazing patterns are inappropriate.

Places, parks and landmarks in proximity may also influence the type and style of replacement windows that work best in different situations. Individual buildings listed as historic structures are often subject to rigorous standards and renovation guidelines. It is wise to check with the National Park Service before starting a project to see if your building is eligible for certification.

Commercial Property: Defining Goals

Maintaining the original architectural integrity and features in non-historic buildings is not typically governed by strict renovation mandates; however, owners may have other considerations in mind. Some may prefer heat-treated glazing options that are stronger than conventional glass for certain applications. In others, depending on the interior furnishing, owners may need special glass options that reduce UV light levels to protect upholstery, artwork and carpeting.

And, although not required by national standards, building owners may want to design windows that demonstrate exceptional craftsmanship or showcase property design features. Other key factors for commercial applications are:

  • Installing upgrade products that are easy to maintain.
  • Choosing windows built to last for many years without extensive routine maintenance.
  • Designing appropriate windows that comply with Health and Safety or Occupational Standards codes.

Assessing Replacement Window Needs in New York and New Jersey

The best approach for a historic home renovation is to attempt to closely match the original windows’ design. Preserving architectural details and window designs is not typically as important for commercial settings, so owners have more flexibility in choosing colors, trim widths and grille patterns.

Here are the basics for developing a project plan.

  1. Conduct a site survey to identify the condition of existing windows.
  2. Identify the significance of matching the general appearance and operation of windows for historic preservation.
  3. Determine styles based on ease of operation, operability versus fixed window ratios, ventilation and light control.
  4. Consider energy-efficiency. Retrofitting windows for maximum efficiency means comparing NFRC ratings, air and moisture infiltration control and insulating properties in the glass and framing material. These will all effect the long-term operational costs of the building.

Historic Replacement Window Design Considerations

Whether your project is for a historic home or a commercial building, designing the most appropriate windows involves looking at each component.

  • There may be reasons to consider changing the size and shape of the existing windows. Keep in mind that replacement windows are custom built to precisely fit the opening left when our installation team removes the original units, so you’re not stuck with a one-size (or design) fits all.
  • Choosing a window type – casement, fixed, awning – is a foundational choice based on personal preference and the planned activity in individual rooms.
  • Although the size of the unit will likely remain the same, mulling different styles and shapes can create a unique appeal that fools the eye.
  • In rooms where noise control is important, fixed windows block ambient noise more effectively than operable replacement windows.
  • It generally takes several weeks from the time our customers place and order until the installation team arrives. Tell your window consultant if you have specific deadlines or need to coordinate installation with other professional renovation contractors.

New Jersey & New York Replacement Windows Specialists Are On Duty for Commercial Buildings & Historic Homes Renovations

Once you’ve decided to upgrade your New Jersey or New York Metro building or home, you may want to jump right in and get started. Taking the time to carefully plan your project will ensure you’re thrilled with the outcome. The first step is scheduling an on-site/in-home no obligation consultation. Call a Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro replacement window specialists today toll-free at 1-888-826-2451. You can also fill in the short form on this page for more information.

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