New Jersey Replacement Picture Windows: Choosing Complimentary Styles

Picture Windows in New JerseyNew Jersey replacement window consultants often recommend fixed picture windows to maximize your viewing area at home. Custom-built in varying sizes and shapes to fit almost any existing window footprint, picture windows are appropriate for every room in your home with a view you want to showcase – bedrooms, family rooms, recreation rooms, dining rooms – even large entrances and foyers.

Installing a simple, unadorned picture window in a small room instantly gives your space a larger feel and allows natural sunlight to flood into your home. Traditional picture windows don’t open for ventilation so they maintain their airtight seal. However, all Renewal by Andersen replacement windows are built to last for many years and come with an exceptional 20/2/10 warranty package.

Adding a picture window to your New Jersey home is one way to give your space the “perfect balance” of natural light in a sophisticated, but simple package. Installing an over-sized picture window without any other window styles on the same wall makes a bold statement, but picture windows are often complemented by other operable windows when ventilation is important for your family’s health and comfort.

A Spectacular View – and Then Some

Although many people choose picture windows to showcase a beautiful view, there are other considerations. Choosing picture windows is a wise financial decision that gives you more decorating and design flexibility than some operable styles.

Lower Your Utility Bills and Protect Your Furnishings

Renewal by Andersen Low-E 4 GlassAll Renewal by Andersen replacement windows are available with low-E glass options designed to save you money on energy bills, plus you can choose options with added protection against UV rays which can damage your delicate artwork and upholstery fabrics, too.

Since picture windows don’t need hardware or insect screens, this window style is generally the least expensive replacement window option for homeowners – depending on the size and glass options you choose.

Express your own unique decorating style.

Complementing your picture window with other styles for ventilation gives you flexibility to expand on your decorating style. Whether you choose a versatile awning design above the window or flank your main window with a pair of easy-to-clean double-hung windows with tilt-out sash, you’ll have access to a wide range of frame colors, various sizes of grilles and numerous hardware finishes.

With so many design options available, homeowners can complement their existing home décor and furnishings or create a whole new look and feel for their indoor spaces. Replacement picture windows are functional and beautiful. The unique design enhances the exterior architecture and opens up a world of interior decorating options from simple to elegant.

Save Time and Money on Maintenance

Renewal by Andersen’s maintenance-free Fibrex frames feature moisture and mold-resistant characteristics that keep your windows looking beautiful without annual painting and resurfacing.

Complementary Replacement Window Styles

The most popular windows to complement our fixed picture windows include casement and double-hung windows.

Casement windows have a wider profile than our space-saving slider designs. The easy-turn crank mechanism makes this style perfect for tight spaces. If you want a clean, modern look, casement windows are an excellent choice to flank your picture windows. The easy-care design allows homeowners to clean both interior and exterior surfaces from the comfort of your home, too.

Double-Hung Windows offer a more traditional look and feel than the casement style, many people believe. Both upper and lower sash open for ventilation and you can choose from a number of standard and historically accurate grille patterns to complement your architectural features. Choose from a traditional check rail (square) or contemporary styling (slightly curved) to create precisely the look you want for your home.

Replacement Picture and Specialty Windows
Replacement Picture and Specialty Windows

Specialty Replacement Window styles give you greater design flexibility. If ventilation isn’t necessary, you may choose to complement your picture window with one or more additional fixed windows. Choose from more than a dozen unique shapes from triangular to trapezoid and curves to circles.

Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey: Picture Perfect Replacement Windows

Are you ready to showcase your spectacular view with a new picture window? We invite you to give us a call for more information about designing replacement windows for your home today. Call toll-free, 1-888-826-2451 or fill in the form on this page and we’ll call you!

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