Create a Perfect Kitchen or Bath with Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro Replacement Windows

New Jersey New York Replacement Windows Kitchens BathsSince 1982, the National Kitchen and Bath Association has encouraged homeowners to kick of their holiday season planning in October. Last month, homeowners throughout New Jersey and New York marked the “official” start of the festive season by tackling home improvement projects designed to get their homes in shape for entertaining and to improve the function and beauty after all the guests go home and the New Year rolls in.

Whether you participated in the annual event, or weren’t even aware there is a whole month dedicated to these two vital rooms in your home, it’s not too late to make a grand statement with new replacement windows and patio doors.

Functionality & Replacement Window Styles for New Jersey & New York
Home decorators and design architects have certain standards they use when they are planning a kitchen makeover for their clients. For example, even if a customer really, really, really wants an island, it isn’t practical if there isn’t enough space to properly use it. Minimum clearance standards near a range allows for comfortable traffic patterns, ensures people don’t bump against an open oven to access lower storage on the island, appliance doors fully open, etc. When a homeowner doesn’t have room for an island, designers often provide alternatives like a peninsula or other options that don’t compromise safety or convenience.

Selecting the right replacement window styles for your New Jersey or New York home is similar to deciding whether an island or a peninsula will work better in your kitchen. You may really love the way casement windows look, but if there isn’t enough clearance you won’t be able to use them correctly and the windows may not be able to perform as designed.

Replacement windows are available in many styles to fit various settings, like kitchen and bathrooms. Here are a few examples of how different windows fit different settings.

  • Sliding windows and patio doors are well-suited to rooms where floor space is limited or you want to avoid blocking traffic patterns.
  • Awning windows push out so, they are perfect for shower areas and installation high on the wall. Single handle operation also makes this style a good option over the kitchen sink.
  • Similar to awning windows, hoppers have a single lever, but they are hinged at the bottom and open into the room. These windows are an excellent choice for installation where they will be high on the wall, but outward operation would block a walk way or landscaping would prevent proper opening. However, unlike awning window styles, hoppers would not necessarily work well over a sink unless there is enough clearance so the window will not interfere with using the sink and cooking activities in the room.
  • Fixed windows offer superior sound transfer control and the highest energy-efficiency rating. They are well suited to areas in the kitchen and bathroom where you want to showcase a view, and already have adequate ventilation from operable windows in the room.

Designing for Beauty
One of the wonderful benefits of modern technology is the ability to customize replacement windows to fit your home décor. For our New Jersey or New York Metro customers who recently upgraded their rooms, we offer stainable interiors that allow you to precisely match the cabinetry and woodwork in your new kitchen. Plus, you can mix or match hardware to blend into the window appearance or stand out as an eye-drawing element. The hardware styles also help you coordinate your overall decorating scheme. You may choose a simple style or add a touch of elegance with our exclusive line of hardware in the Estate Collection. Even custom grille patterns can be designed to complement existing crown molding and trim work in your new rooms.

Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro Replacement Window & Patio Door Options for Kitchens & Bathrooms

Every month is a good month to upgrade, worn out windows with custom-built, high-quality replacement products in New York and New Jersey. Winter is coming and you don’t want to have to spend another  season struggling to keep your home comfortable until spring. Installing new ENERGY STAR certified replacement windows now will likely save you money on your heating bills this winter. And, if this one turns out to be like last winter, you need all the help you can get controlling your utility expenses. Fill in the short form on this page for more information or give us a call toll-free at 888-826-2451 to request more information about updating your kitchen and bath windows today.

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