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Window Door Summary New Jersey New York

The Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro Guide to Designing Replacement Windows & Patio Doors  

We finished our 12-Part Window and Door Education Series for homeowners in New Jersey and New York last week. But because sometimes you want to go back and read an article again – or you missed it the first time – our Renewal by Andersen blog post this week is a summary of the series, with links to each post and a few extra resources to make your replacement window research more efficient.

12-Part Window and Door Education Series Links

Part 1: Benefits of Double Hung Replacement Windows in New Jersey & New York

Learn how advanced construction techniques have turned this functional standard into one of the most popular styles on the market today.

Part 2: Bay & Bow Replacement Windows Benefits in New Jersey & New York

Explore unique configurations and find out how these two beautiful window addition create additional floor space and decorating freedom.

Part 3: 9 Benefits of Renewal by Andersen of NJ&NY Casement Windows

Discover why experts agree this style is the most energy-efficient replacement window style around.

Part 4: Best Patio Door Style For New Jersey New York Metro Homes

Compare three distinctive patio door styles and why the right choice makes your life simpler, more beautiful and more convenient.

Part 5: Benefits of Awning,Hoppers in New Jersey & New York

Find out why these two styles are perfect for small spaces, as companion accents above/below large picture windows, and as the perfect solution for basements and baths.

Part 6: Sliding/Gliding Window Benefits in New Jersey & New York

Familiarize yourself with this window style that allows homeowners to expand their viewing area without buying larger windows.

Part 7: How to Customize Your New Jersey & New York Windows (Accessories)

Gain knowledge about grilles, locks, hardware, factory applied glass technology, check rails and window screens available to accessorize your new home windows.

Part 8: How To Customize Your New Jersey & New York Windows

Important considerations for designing high-performance replacement windows that match your personal, and your home’s architectural, style.

Part 9: Benefits of Renewal by Andersen Window Grilles in New Jersey & New York

Follow the evolution of sashing strips in 20th century windows to modern, optional grilles available in standard and custom layout patterns to complement your home architecture.

Part 10: Safety Features & Benefits of New Jersey & New York Replacement Windows

Design your replacement windows and patio doors for enhanced security with tips on glass choices, the proper frame material selection and optional locks and window guards that protect your family.

Part 11: Window and Patio Door Hardware

Reconsider the importance of hardware choices related to safety, ease-of-use and interior decorating goals.

Bonus Links

While we touched on the factory applied technology that helps you control light levels and harmful UV rays that enter through the window glass, you may need a bit more information about all of the choices available. Learn more about standard glass options and our patterned glass that obscures the view, but allows some natural light to come through the pane.

If you want to see how each window style and design choice will influence the way your home looks inside, download our mobile app. It’s free, easy to use and will give you a decent digital preview. You can also visit our inspiration gallery, or use our replacement window and patio door visualizer.

Meet With a Professional New Jersey & New York Replacement Window Specialist

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