Noise Reducing Replacement Windows

Part 2: Expectations Management  

In Renewal by Andersen of Central New Jersey’s previous post about noise-reducing windows, we discussed the basics— how the windows worked and what kind of benefits you could expect from having them in your home. Today’s post is also going to be about expectations, but more specifically about what you can reasonably anticipate after installing noise-reducing windows in your New Jersey home. Understanding the noise reduction benefits that you’ll actual receive will help guide you towards making the decision that’s best for your lifestyle.

100 Percent Soundproof?

A common question that many prospective noise-reducing window buyers will ask is, “Will these windows make my home completely soundproof?” The simple answer is that they will not. While noise-reducing windows can go a long way toward making your home a more peaceful place, some external noise will always find its way into your home. The primary reason for this is that your body is naturally adaptive, and it will change as your surroundings do. If the amount of exterior noise that you hear in your home is reduced by 90 percent, your ears will become more sensitive to the remaining sound than they used to be. You’ll still notice a significant noise reduction, but at no point will your home ever truly be soundproof by installing noise-reducing windows.

Misleading Statistics

Raw data in the form of statistics can often be very helpful when you’re considering a serious purchase like noise-reducing windows. However, statistics are frequently a double-edged sword and can prove to be misleading when incorrectly interpreted. In the case of noise-reducing windows, that misinterpretation comes into play when you compare instrument-measurements to perceived sound reduction statistics. According to the STC scale discussed in our last post, a rating increase from 28 to 38 represents a 90 percent sound reduction— when instrument-measured. The amount of noise reduction you actually perceive will be a lower percentage, and that statistic is very subjective.

Are Noise-Reducing Windows Right For You?

We’ve discussed several elements that need to be considered when you’re looking at noise-reducing windows. And while it is important to be critical of what you’re purchasing, the fact of the matter is that noise-reducing windows do work— and they work very well. If your life is disturbed by excessive noise to the point where it’s creating stressful days and sleepless nights, noise-reducing windows can offer you the solution for which you’ve been searching.

Contact Renewal by Andersen for More Information

Have more questions about how Renewal by Andersen of Central New Jersey can help you make noise-reducing windows a part of your life? As a subsidiary of Andersen Windows, we have been providing New Jersey residents with top quality windows to improve their homes for generations. Our experienced design consultants will ensure that your replacement windows live up to your every expectation. Call us today at 1-888-826-2451 or fill out the short form on this page for a free design consultation.


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