7 Facts Smart Replacement Windows Shoppers Know that You Don’t

new jersey replacement window facts

At Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro, our experience gives us the confidence to recognize that when given the opportunity to demonstrate our replacement windows, homeowners see the value and beauty built into every one of our products. If you aren’t quite ready for a demonstration, read on for seven bits of information that will help you make better buying decisions.

#1: Windows Do Not Pay for Themselves Year 1

There are many benefits of updating your home windows with high-performance replacement windows – but they will not pay for themselves in a year. If you are looking for any home improvement product that will instantly return your investment, you may be in for some disappointment. Unless you are in the process of “flipping” a real fixer-upper for profit by making major renovations which include replacing damaged, sagging, unsightly single-pane window units with new replacement windows so you can put the house on the market immediately, your return on investment will probably come in the form of lower heating and air conditioning bills, less maintenance expense and fewer days you have to deal with condensation and drafty corners.

#2: Appearance Really is Important

According to market research, homeowners in the Mid-Atlantic region, including those living in New Jersey and New York Metro neighborhoods, can expect to recover between 70% and 75% of their original investment in a replacement window project. The ROI varies depending on the type of window, specific location and other factors.

Two key things to keep in mind when you want to keep ROI high are the appearance and maintenance requirements. Because replacement windows constructed with Fibrex frames will never fade, pit, rust or mildew – you will have the same beautiful appearance decades later as you have on installation day. And, there is zero maintenance, other than an occasional cleaning and some time to check the weather-stripping and sealants a few times a year.

#3: Don’t Hire a Contractor

Because your new replacement windows and patio doors will only perform as designed when installed properly, you never want to take a chance hiring a contractor based solely on ads or a random internet search. Renewal by Andersen home improvement products are always installed by our carefully selected and trained technicians.

#4: Careful Design Means Higher Satisfaction

Some people simply want to get rid of the drafts and stop heating and air conditioning the whole neighborhood. Others want to improve indoor comfort and reduce their heating and air conditioning bills. It is important to consider window styles before you order. With varied frame and trim widths, four glazing options and virtually unlimited grille patterns, you can design a window that mimics the current architectural aesthetic of your home or create unique visual appeal.

#5: You Aren’t Stuck with What You Have Now

Updating your windows gives you an opportunity to change styles, shapes and appearance. Bay windows can be replaced with a series of double-hung or single-hung windows, or vice versa. Casement windows can easily replace sliding windows. You can also combine two or more sizes, shapes and styles to create stunning glass walls or create a focal point of interest.

#6: Things Happen Unexpectedly

Sometimes, things just happen. Although it is rare, once in a while a factory part fails or an approved installation professional slips and accidentally damages a glass panel or trim section. When these things happen, you want a warranty package that will cover parts and labor – including labor costs associated with installation, if that is where the problem developed. An ideal warranty covers homeowners for the known and unknown.

#7: Window Performance Depends Upon Your Home

Performance depends on the overall integrity of your home, the surrounding area and your home’s condition and lot orientation.

While it is imperative to consider energy-efficiency ratings when comparing replacement windows, you must realize that the highest-quality window units cannot overcome deficiencies in your home – such as poor insulation in the walls, attic and basement, and holes in the building envelope. To get the most from your new windows, you need to invite a replacement window specialist to inspect your current windows and take a look at the buildings and landscaping elements surrounding your home that may affect the number of hours of direct sunlight each window receives per day. If you are installing new windows to address energy-efficiency, it is also a good idea to thoroughly inspect your home for holes and cracks in the siding, floors, walls and other building elements.

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