Beautiful Replacement Windows Deserve Beautiful Window Treatments in New Jersey & New York

New Jersey New York Window TreatmentsThe most beautiful windows in New Jersey and New York deserve the most beautiful window treatments. At Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro, we can help you out with the windows—but when it comes to dressing them, you’re mostly on your own, but we would like to offer you a few tips to help get you started.

Whether your home is traditional or contemporary, whether you’re looking for casual shades or elaborate drapes for the dining room, deciding on window treatment fabrics and styles can be a an exciting project or a daunting task. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, these ideas might be the inspiration you need to create inviting, stunning indoor spaces for your guests and family.

BambooShadesEdit1. Bamboo Shades
Not just for the hippy-dippy among us, bamboo shades are making a comeback. Choose lighter or darker shades depending on your color preference and enjoy the breezy look, which pairs well with traditional to modern décor in any room that needs a breath of fresh air.

Bamboo shades are typically designed to raise and lower just like blinds, but with distinctly upgraded style, so you can adjust them easily to allow as much natural light or privacy as you want. They’re a perfect, streamlined option in areas where you don’t want the bulk of traditional curtains.

RomanShadesEdit2. Roman Shades
Mounted behind a cornice board, roman shades look just as sophisticated as their traditional-curtain counterparts, but they disappear entirely when you want to show off your beautiful new Renewal by Andersen window.

Perfect for double-hung windows, because styles allow both top-down and down-up operation, Roman shades give any space a tailored look. Go with neutral white or tan for shades that blend seamlessly into your decor, or choose a bright pop of color to make things interesting!

PlantationShutters3. Plantation Shutters
Not just for Southern homes, shutters offer incredible versatility and style in an unexpected place. Shutters embrace an architectural feel that allows you to direct streaming sunlight with the same versatility as blinds. And, interior shutters can be built to suit any window—even custom arched windows that are so difficult to dress with curtains and drapes.

Choose a stained wood, or classic painted white shutters, for an option that blends effortlessly with almost any color scheme.

high-mount4. High-Mounted Curtain Panels
Interior designers have a secret: mounting curtains higher than the top of your window adds visual height to a room. Whether you go all the way to the ceiling or opt to mount the rod several inches above the top of your window trim, you’ll make your space feel taller and airier when you give them a little extra height.

This trick also gives simple curtain panels the feel of a custom treatment without the cost! On windows that you wish were larger, you can also opt to hang curtains a little (or a lot!) wider than the windows themselves to create the illusion of larger windows and more open space.

layers5. Sophisticated Layers
Coupling a gauzy sheer with a solid curtain panel offers the utmost in privacy and light control, while adding intriguing layers of ephemeral style—especially if you choose differing shades of the same color. This is the perfect option for framing a large fixed window with a view or patio doors.

To keep things simple and avoid overwhelming your space with a wall of color, go with lighter tones that complement your color scheme. You’ll need to hang two rows of rods and pair them with curtains that slide easily open or closed for best results.

Tips for Choosing the Right Style for the Right Replacement Window

If you’ve already ordered your replacement windows for your New Jersey or New York Metropolitan home, you’ll want to choose window treatments that complement the style and allow you to take advantage of the custom features you selected. Think about the glazing choices you made. Perhaps you need a room darkening shade for an area where you opted to skip the factory treatment that reduces light transmission. Or, if you’ve ordered a patterned glass, you may want a tied curtain or drapery style that doesn’t block the built-in decorative elements.

Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro Replacement Windows and Patio Doors: Decorate with Confidence

Your new replacement windows give your home’s curb appeal a fresh, new look and feel. Don’t stop at the front door, choose your window treatments intentionally to enhance the interior and exterior appearance.
If you’re still considering upgrading your home windows, we can help. Give us a call toll-free at 1-888-826-2451 to schedule a private, no-obligation home consultation. For your convenience, you may also fill in the short form on this page to request a call back or more information about our portfolio of replacement window and patio door options.

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