Good Things Come in Threes: 3 Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro Replacement Window Benefits

NEw Jersey New York Replacement Windows BenefitsHave you heard that advanced technology and thoughtful design features of replacement windows can save you money on your utility bills in New Jersey and New York? It’s true. Replacing the existing windows in your New Jersey or Metropolitan New York home may save you hundreds of dollars a year on heating and air conditioning bills. But, did you know there are other benefits in addition to lowering the cost of keeping your home comfy throughout the seasons?

Updating windows with ENERGY STAR labeled replacement windows provides you with opportunities to reduce your carbon footprint and give your home a beautiful new look and feel on the outside and inside. Plus, the windows and patio doors you choose can save you time and energy normally spent cleaning and taking care of your home. Here are just a few of the benefits New York and New Jersey homeowners enjoy when they choose to replace aging, poorly functioning home windows.

Smaller Carbon Footprint for the Planet, Fewer Footsteps for You

Renewal by Andersen is proud of the history we share with our parent company, Andersen Windows, leading the industry with innovative solutions that reduce energy consumption during the manufacturing process, but we contribute in other ways, too. Did you know that glass is 100 percent recyclable and it can be recycled over and over without losing its quality? And, glass that goes through the recycling process can be renewed in about a month, as opposed to thousands of years naturally decaying in the landfill. It takes only 40 percent of the energy to “create” glass from recycled materials compared to starting with raw materials. We also do our part on the manufacturing floor when glazing is damaged or broken and by disposing of your existing window components responsibly after an installation.

You’ll leave a smaller carbon footprint behind when you work with a replacement window company committed to protecting our natural resources. You’ll also take fewer steps on window cleaning day because our window designs include features that allow you to clean both interior and exterior surfaces from inside your home. So, whether you choose tilt-to-clean double hung windows or sliding windows with lift-out glazing panels, you’ll spend less time running back and forth, which means you can get your chores done faster and get back to doing something more fun.

Filling the Gaps with Valuable Benefits

Replacing sagging, gapping, ugly windows with new, structurally sound replacement windows stops air and moisture leaks that can damage your window sills and indoor furnishings and fixtures. While you save steps and energy washing your windows, cleaning is even easier with factory applied coatings that actually repel up to 99 percent of water spots caused by rain or water spray from your sprinkler.

Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro’s Fibrex composite framing material is manufactured with up to 40 percent of materials recovered from manufacturing, just another way we reduce waste sent to the landfill. There is another benefit for you is that your frames will never need resurfacing to remaining beautiful and functional. They’re guaranteed not to mildew, rust, rot or peel. You’ll save time you used to spend scraping, adding putty, repairing splitting wood and painting your windows year after year, and money you used to spend on paint, harsh chemical strippers and scraping tools. Plus, high-quality, energy efficient windows boost property values.

Claiming Your Perks with Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & Metro New York Replacement Windows

Along with saving money and time throughout the year and protecting your property values, you’ll find the benefits of designing windows that reflect your personality and decorating style is almost priceless. Whether you want to showcase a special architectural feature of your home or add a touch of elegance to your entrance with a French-hinged patio door, you have almost unlimited options. Windows enhance your curb appeal and help you create an atmosphere of comfort and security in your home.

The Time to Upgrade Your New Jersey & New York Windows is Now

Upgrading home windows is an opportunity to freshen up the outward appearance of your New Jersey or New York Metro home and remove problems that are wasting energy, time and money. Isn’t it time you explored the possibilities and perks of installing replacement windows and patio doors?

Claim Your Replacement Window Benefits with Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & Metro New York

It’s true, good things come in threes! Ready to claim your own replacement window benefits? Give us a call toll-free at 1-888-826-2451 and we’ll schedule a free, in-home consultation to help you design your new replacement windows. Still have a few questions, but can’t talk right now? Simply fill in the short form on this page to request a call back at your convenience.


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