New Jersey & New York Metro Homeowners Benefit From Both Interior and Exterior Views of Replacement Windows

There are 2 Sides to Every Replacement Window Story in the New Jersey and New York Metropolitan Area
New Jersey New York Replacement Windows Inside and Out

Our Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro team has covered the importance of considering the view through your replacement windows from inside your home and the curb appeal in prior posts, but in this post we’d like to go a bit deeper. Whether you’re trying to showcase a spectacular exterior view or you have a less than desirable view through your replacement windows, design components will help you get the most visual pleasure out of your investment.

Windows serve multiple important visual purposes in your home: Adding to the exterior architectural design, framing your view of the outside while protecting you from its harsher elements, and what the interior of your custom-built replacement windows and patio doors add to the overall interior décor.

Crystal Clear Plate Glass Window Walls vs Framing a Stellar View with Class & Sophistication
As an example, let’s say you’ve decided on a stunning wall of glass that showcases the cityscape. If you have a balcony or terrace beyond your glass, you’ll want to think about adding a glass railing so the view isn’t interrupted – you wouldn’t want anything to detract from those winking lights against the night sky.

Before installing a railing, sit down inside your home, and on furniture on the terrace, to get a firsthand look at the views through your windows from both sides. For safety structural and building code reasons, you’ll need some kind of rails and guards, even if you choose a thin metal structure or something other than glass.

A balcony is only useful if you have access to it. Replacing an existing swinging door with a low profile sliding door will give you the closest thing to an uninterrupted view while maximizing your useable space. However, if your interior décor requires an elegant touch, French patio doors will serve as an interior decorating element to complement your furnishings and create a stunning view from the curb as well. Just be aware that no matter which way they swing, you’ll limit your decorating options somewhat to make room for the doors opening path.

There are many configurations to help you get the broadest uninterrupted viewing area and allow ventilation and balcony access. Talk to a replacement window and patio door design consultant for inspiration, guidance and configuration options for your home.

A View With Audio and Visual Appeal
Let’s look at another example. What if your favorite view is watching your children or grandchildren playing tag in the backyard? When you want to keep an eye the kids, but need to prepare dinner or are otherwise occupied, you’ll want a clear view and the option to keep an ear on the activity, too. To perfectly frame this situation, you’ll need at least one operable window or patio door, depending on which room gives the best vantage point.

Whether you decide whether to add some exterior visual effects with a bay window, or you want to mull two or three awning windows above a plate glass lower pane, remember warmer weather is on its way. And, with the warmer weather, come an abundance of gnats, flies and no-see-ums. Adding clear-view insect screens with ultra-fine mesh fabric can keep you alert of outdoor activities without inviting in unwanted guests indoors. TruScene insect screens are virtually invisible to the eye, so you won’t have to worry about anything detracting from the appearance or limiting your view.

Interior considerations include color choices, frame and trim width and glass options. Did you know you that choosing the correct glass type will help you protect your carpeting and draperies from fading? Glazing options that block UV rays ensure your favorite chair by the window will not show sun damage prematurely.

Customizing Your Replacement Window Views
Choosing the replacement window styles that work well in your New Jersey and New York Metro home means considering all angles. In the bedroom, lie on the bed to get a view of what scene you’ll wake up to in the morning. For windows and entry wall windows, think about utilizing space efficiently and adding visual and seating details. Your decorating scheme may benefit from a window seat beneath a tall, narrow rectangular window. Adding custom grilles to an otherwise bland façade draws attention and creates a pleasing exterior view, without compromising natural light and air filtration.

Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro Replacement Windows & Patio Doors Provide Lots of Options

It would be our pleasure to help you explore options for updating your home. With high efficiency ENERGY STAR certified glass options and custom features that include low-maintenance frames and a wide array of color options, you’ll be able to capture the best view from both sides of the glass with Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro. Give us a call today at 1-888-826-2451 to arrange a free in-home consultation or fill in the short form on this page to request a brochure or call back at your convenience.

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