Need Replacement Windows in New Jersey?

6 Signs Your New Jersey Windows Need to Be Replaced

6 Signs You Need Replacement Windows New JerseyHaving to replace your windows is often an unavoidable task of a New Jersey homeowner with older, inefficient windows. Nearly every homeowner who stays in their house long enough will likely have to replace their old windows to bring them up to today’s standards of energy efficiency, beauty, safety, security and durability. Putting off replacing older, inefficient, leaky windows can cause serious consequences to your home, your family’s health, and particularly your wallet. But how do you know when it is necessary to replace your old windows? Read on for our list of the most common signs that it’s time to get new replacement windows for your home.

5 Major Warning Signs That You Need Replacement Windows

  1. You Feel a Draft. All older windows are bound to let in some air to the home but if you are able to feel a noticeable draft coming from any of your windows, you’ll understand that they are letting out air you’ve paid to heat or cool. As older windows start to wear down over time they will begin to let more air infiltrate your home. You can use temporary fixes like applying sealing or weather stripping to these worn areas, but these are only to be temporary fixes. If you feel drafts, it’s probably best to bring in a professional to take a look at the problem and see if they recommend a replacement.
  2. You Have Condensation on the Glass. Older, single-paned windows are notorious for having condensation on the inside of the glass in the winter and sometimes on the outside in summer if you can get your home cool enough. Like a cold glass of lemonade on a hot summer day, this occurs because the difference in temperature between inside and outside causes water vapor to condense on the colder glass surface. In extreme cases, this can cause puddling on the window sash, frame and sills as the vapor builds up and runs down the glass surface onto the frame materials. If this gets inside your walls, you can have serious problems with mold, rot and insects.
  3. Your Windows are “Foggy”. For homeowners with double- paned windows, fog or condensation inside the glass is a big indicator that it’s time to replace your windows. When you see condensation on the inside of the glass it means that the sealant holding the two panes of glass together has developed a leak and allowed moisture between the glass panes. This is known in the industry as “seal failure”. Homeowners may also see a white calcium film collect between the panes, and this is another indication that the seal has failed. If your insulated glass seal has failed that means that your windows are no longer doing their job properly and they no longer have the proper insulating value they once had.
  4. You Have a Hard Time Opening and Closing Your Windows. This one should really be a no brainer. For your and your family’s safety it’s time to replace your windows if they no longer lock properly. Metal, wood and even vinyl windows can have issues with closing properly due to a balance failure or possible paint, rust and temperature expansion issues. If you can’t open and close your windows properly, they’re not providing the true benefits of an operable window and may pose a security risk to your family.
  5. You Notice Your Utility Bill Going Up – When you notice your heating bill going up in the winter and your cooling bills going up in the summer, there are potentially two  causes: either your furnace or air conditioner are not working properly, or your windows need replacing. If you have an older home or simply have inefficient windows can be more cost effective over time to replace your windows rather than pay higher and higher heating and A/C bills.
  6. You Deal With Lots of Noise – For homeowners in noisy or high traffic areas, noise can be a real issue. This problem can increase for homeowners with older or inefficient glass windows that do little to stop the transmission of outside noise to inside. To help reduce noise from traffic and other sources consider installing newer noise-reducing windows. They can really help reduce the noise pollution in your home and help you and your family to rest much more easily.

Don’t Wait to Replace Inefficient Windows

There can be serious damage done to your home if you wait too long to replace inefficient windows. If there is an issue with the sealant on your windows they can actually cause water to get inside the home and walls, where they can cause issues with mold, rot, and insect damage. These health hazards can eventually undermine the structural integrity of your home. When you replace your windows at the first sign of trouble you, will ultimately be saving yourself and your family time, energy and money.

Investing in Replacement Windows

If have experienced any one of these common issues, it may be time to look into replacing your windows. This new investment will not only save you money over the long term and give you peace of mind but it can bring a whole new design esthetic to your home. There are many unique and stylish replacement window options available than ever before. The Department of Energy recommends replacing older windows with new Energy Star certified windows to provide the best protection for your home and to help save you the most money over time. Once you have your new, energy efficient windows installed you and your family will be able to enjoy a safer and more comfortable home for years to come.

New Jersey Replacement Window Questions? We Have Answers

If you have any questions about whether your windows need to be replaced or not, give us a call at 1-888-826-2451 or fill out the short form on this page and a friendly Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey replacement window specialist be happy to answer your questions or schedule you for a free, in-home design consultation at your convenience.


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